Angelica’s Box by Greatest Poet Alive Review

There comes a moment when it all makes sense because you change perspective. You encounter so many women that you understand that they are different, and you have to treat them differently. That sounds simple, but as a man, you don’t get it right off. Not saying I do now, but my comprehension of the estrogen species has improved. These poems, of various forms and themes, stem from my interactions with women in all walks of my life. Do your best to be objective. After all, I’m a man.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to read and review poetry because I need to be in a certain kind of mood. Poetry unlike novels have a short amount of time to grasp your attention and make some type of emotional connection. And, ohhhhhh boy, Angelica’s Box not only gets your attention but keeps it. 

“What I mean is that I’m a man, your man, so…

I got this. 

I got you. 

That’s all.”

Angelica’s Box is a sensual, masculine, bold, and entertaining book of poetry!! Excellent job once again by the Greatest Poet Alive!

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Testifyin’: The Rise To Grace by Angelia Vernon Menchan & Elissa Gabrielle Review

God often uses our deepest pain as a catalyst to our greatest calling. The pain will lead us to our purpose. Every single thing that happens in our lives has been set in motion to prepare us for moments that are yet to come. Oftentimes, while in the midst of those moments, we are unaware that all of the time that lead up to it, was preparation. To testify means to bear witness. And in Testifyin’: The Rise to Grace two women, give proof with confidence, transparency and honesty about the moments that allowed them to rise to grace. 

A Profound Journey on how being broken saved them and how they learned that rock bottom builds more champions than privilege. Faith, resiliency, marriage, motherhood, mistakes, sisterhood, pain and purpose, Testifyin’: The Rise to Grace by Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan is an amazing life guide for all women and teaches life-changing and life affirming lessons on passion, courage, life, love and tapping into the power within. 

Testifyin’ is like sitting around with your older cousins and/or aunts and they decide to start discussing their life experiences with you. The authors were quite brave and transparent to use their actual lives as the content. They went on to share how they overcame/got through different situations to become the women they are today. This book is their ministry and I’m confident that it’ll uplift, encourage, and help the women that read it. 3.5 stars

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Sister Surrogate by Lachelle Weaver Review & Giveaway

Three sisters and a baby equal family drama… Bridgette, Ivy and Savannah have always been close, and as with any sisterhood, it hasn’t been without its challenges, but they always manage to come together in times of need. When the youngest, Savannah is faced with a life altering illness which threatens her lifelong desire to have children, one of her sisters offer to give her the ultimate gift–to become her surrogate. While Savannah is overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude about motherhood, not everyone in the family shares her sentiments. The upcoming addition to their family seems to cause discord rather than joy.

Let me start by saying the synopsis for this book immediately caught my attention. A story about such a sensitive subject could either be a drama-filled saga or one of true love. Sister Surrogate was a truly a journey filled with many emotions. 

Sister Surrogate reminds us that we might have good intentions to help someone in a “bad” situation, but sometimes we need to stop and think about how all parties involved will react. Sister Surrogate also reminds us that there is a fine line between wanting to play hero and coming off as selfish. 

LaChelle Weaver has done an exemplary job of weaving a realistic tale of emotions and reactions surrounding one single decision. Sister Surrogate is a true page turner that makes the reader think about which family is more important: the one you’re born into or the one you receive once you marry. Sister Surrogate proves that Weaver has a very bright future in the literary industry!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Sister Surrogate in exchange for an honest review. 

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