Anastacia’s Reviews steps into the book blogger spotlight!!!

Today I chatted with Anastacia whose blog is titled Anastacia’s Reviews and it is great to have her here featured in our Book Blogger Spotlight. Get to know Anastacia and about her blog:

1.       When and how did you decide to become a book blogger? 

Gosh, I don’t think I ever really decided to be a book blogger. I always read way more than normal, but never reviewed books. I started reviewing on goodreads, mostly really short reviews like “must reread again” or “read other books by this author” – you know, notes to myself more than formal reviews. I started getting comments from other goodreads members, wanting to know more than what I wrote, so I started writing more. At the same time, my craft blog was really slowing down. I didn’t really have time to do the crafts like I wanted to & was running out of things to say, so I started publishing my reviews there, too. Earlier this year I made the decision to stop my craft blog, and I started a separate book review blog.

2.       What’s the hardest part of being a book blogger?

Getting my husband to give me time to read! LOL (he’s not a reader) No, seriously, the hardest part for me is staying organized, which has always been my weakest link with any project I take on! I use google calendar to schedule my tours and promo posts, but really struggle to keep my review books organized, and I’m awful at remembering to read books in time for a tour. I’m often found reading until 2 am, so that I can get the review up on the right date, keeping hubby up!

3.       What are your hobbies that you do when you’re not blogging?

My biggest hobby is also part of one of my day jobs – knitting and crocheting. I also teach and I’m a professional crochet designer, been published in several different books & magazines with lots more due to come out in 2014! I live and breathe the fiber arts. I also enjoy weaving, which I started doing this year, and spinning, and pretending I’m a sewer and a quilter… LOL Pretending because I actually don’t know how to sew, but I keep telling myself I’ll learn someday! I also keep a vegetable garden with my folks, love to go letterboxing and I also took up canning for the first time this year! In my “free” time, I also love photography, camping, history, and animals. Yeah, I’m busy!

4.       What are your favorite types of posts to do and/or read?

Coming from a craft blog background, where so many of my posts included “personal” information, I definitely like my memes where I can include some personal touches about my life. People don’t read book blogs to get to know the book blogger, but to get to know the books that they read, so it’s a fine line between keeping your readers happy and keeping true to yourself, too. Memes are a good way for me to do that – I can do a write up of my book reviews and giveaways and stuff, but also talk a sentence or two about what I’ve done the past week.

5.       What are your favorite genres to read? 

Paranormal / sci-fi YA and historical fiction, but I also read a lot of Christian fiction, children’s books, non-fiction (especially on those hobbies above!), etc. Dystopian is a new genre of mine that I’m a bit obsessed with. And zombies! Which I guess is considered horror, though I don’t consider myself a horror fan.

6.       How did you come up with your blog name? 

My “designing” name is Anastacia Knits (because I’m not very original) so when I started the blog, I took the only thing that made sense that was related.

7.       As an avid reader, what do you look for in a book?

I’m very character drawn, just as I am with TV shows and movies. I want to know all about the characters, what drives them, what gets them excited or happy or sad. I don’t like long winded discussions about the scenery or the shoes someone is wearing, unless it’s a) historical fiction and b) really helps the plot

8.       What are your biggest turn-offs about a book? 

I read a lot of indie books, and I really hate seeing a lot of typos that could have been fixed with a good editor. Don’t hire a friend, authors, hire someone with experience. And then get some good beta readers to make sure your plot makes sense too!

9.   Who are your three favorite authors? 

Oh, gosh, that’s a hard one. Robert Heinlein (a wonderfully prolific sci-fi writer), Diana Gabaldon, and JK Rowlings. And Allison Weir. LOL You did say 4 authors, right?

10.   Which author (dead or alive) would you most like to meet?

Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables

11.   How big is your TBR list? How do you go about tackling it? 

I’m rather afraid to count. My personal TBR shelf is around 300 books, and probably about 100 or so in my review pile. One book at a time!

12.   What are your top 3 books from 2013? 

I’ve finished 89 books as of this writing for the year, not bad for a part time book reviewer and certainly the best I’ve done in years! The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel is a recent favorite and I have to say, probably one of the best books I’ve read in years, so that’s number one for sure. I also really liked Ellie Topp’s preserving book called The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving: Over 300 Delicious Recipes to Use Year-Round. I also really liked the 9th and 10th Sookie Sackhouse books.

13.   How can readers/authors/publishers connect with you?

Thank you so much Anastacia for chatting with the readers of Tiffany Talks Books. Now, everyone go right over to Anastacia’s Reviews and show your support. Make sure to tell her that Tiffany sent you!



  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I wasn’t expecting to be featured until at least January so this was a pleasant surprise!

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