Another Tear by Traci Bee


Title: Another Tear

Author: Traci Bee

Rating: 4

Headline: A Good Sequel!

Another Tear is the sequel to Two Tears in a Bucket by Traci Bee and just like the original, it is a page-turner. Without giving away too much, Kevin and Simone are back and the drama and relationship issues are at an all-time high. I thought I had experienced every emotion while reading Two Tears in a Bucket, but with the addition of a child and someone wanting to use that child for revenge, brought out even more emotions while reading Another Tear.

I truly commend Traci Bee for writing such a strong love story between Kevin and Simone. Another Tear is a quick read and picks up right where Two Tears in a Bucket ended. I look forward to reading more work by Traci Bee as I am now a loyal supporter!

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