Bang by E.K. Blair Review

Bang by E.K. Blair

Bang by E.K. Blair

They say when you take revenge against another you lose a part of your innocence.
But I’m not innocent.
I haven’t been for a very long time.
My innocence was stolen from me. Taken was the life I was supposed to have. The soul I was born with. The ruby heart embedded in a life full of hopes and dreams.


I never even had a choice.
I mourn that life. Mourn the what-ifs.
Until now.
I’m ready to take back what was always meant to be mine.

But every plan has a fatal flaw. Sometimes it’s the heart.

**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only.*

Soooo, let me start this review by saying that wherever I put the word “duck,” I mean a similar word! I don’t think I’ve ever said the word “duck” so much while reading a book in my entire life as I did while reading Bang. It went from “what the duck am I reading?” to “why the duck am I reading this?” to then just one word “duckkkkkkkkkk!” Duck is seriously the best word to describe this book.
The synopsis for Bang is quite vague and that had me seriously intrigued. And, the cover definitely had me interested. And, while those things are important to me when choosing what book to read, the content is by far the star. It was unexpected, took me by surprise and had my mind all over the place.

“They say when you take revenge against another you lose your innocence. But I’m not innocent.”

Right from the beginning, the reader is warned that this book is about revenge and the loss of innocence. The events that led up to Nina plotting her revenge are completely deplorable. I was actually gasping while reading certain parts of her story. And, while some of it may seem extreme because this is a work of fiction, I kept telling myself to remember, “this isn’t too far-fetched because there are some sick ducks out here in real life.”

Bang is dark, twisted, and a complete mind duck. I have so many passages highlighted on my kindle, but I refuse to post any spoilers. This is not a happy-go-lucky book. I only had a warm, fuzzy feeling maybe once or twice. This book is as advertised with it being a psychological thriller. If you are a sensitive person, then let this serve as your disclaimer that this may not be the book for you.

Bang will not leave you happy. Bang will not make you smile. I have absolutely no idea what could have been going through E.K. Blair’s head when she was writing, but Bang in a very sick way is a masterpiece and it truly goes out with a BIG BANG!!!


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