Belly of the Beast by Caleb Alexander


Title: Belly of the Beast

Author: Caleb Alexander

Rating: 5

Headline: Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Read!

Belly of the Beast by Caleb Alexander is unlike any fiction book I have ever read. This is not your typical urban street lit about young drug dealers trying to avoid getting put in jail; Belly of the Beast is about what happens once a young black man is put in prison. It follows the story of Christian and what his life is like behind bars. Belly of the Beast is raw, uncut, and gives it to you straight with no filter.

Caleb Alexander writes a fictional book about the harsh realities of what happens when a person decides to break the law. Belly of the Beast is so intriguing because it not only stops at Christian being a prisoner but at him planning and preparing for a better life. Belly of the Beast does not glamorize street life as is often done in today’s rap music and other books written in the street lit genre, instead it proves that the real struggle begins once you are behind bars. Belly of the Beast could serve as a great wake-up call for anyone that believes the rewards outweigh the risks of street life. Great work Mr. Alexander!

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