The Summer Called Angel by Sola Olu

The Summer Called Angel:  A story of hope on the journey through prematurity By Sola Olu

The Summer Called Angel: A story of hope on the journey through prematurity By Sola Olu

Title: The Summer Called Angel

Author: Sola Olu

Genre: Memoir


Sola Olu was expecting: expecting to receive a graduate degree from DePaul University and expecting her first child. Instead she went for a routine doctor’s visit and found herself delivering her daughter Angel at a perilously premature time. Sola and her husband Chris were thrust into an unimaginable odyssey spanning seven months, several surgeries, and a painful separation with their newborn.The Summer Called Angel provides intimate, hands-on details of the medical complexity as well as the emotional toll taken on parents who must witness their tiny baby struggle for life. The Summer Called Angel also touches on Sola’s second premature birth. This memoir serves as a powerful tribute to maternal love in the face of unexpected challenges. It is certain to offer strength to readers experiencing prematurity and offer a celebration of devotion that will resonate with parents everywhere.

My Review:

As someone that does not have children, I was completely moved emotionally by The Summer Called Angel by Sola Olu. Sola and her husband Chris’ journey dealing with a high risk pregnacy due to preeclampsia and then the premature birth of their daughter Angel is one that will leave you in amazement of how far parents will go to save their child. Sola is quite candid in recalling her journey and I believe this book will be a great asset to other couples that may experience the same thing on their way to parenthood. Sola and Chris’ marriage is a beautiful one because even though their are going through the toughest season of their lives they stick by one another and come out stronger.

4 star rating

About the Author:


Sola Olu was born and raised in Nigeria. As a child, she loved making up stories and as soon as she could write she started putting them down on paper. She holds degrees in English and Information Systems, Sola works in the retail industry and volunteers as a counselor to mothers of premature babies. Her writings include essays, poetry and children’s stories. She loves to cook, travel and attend the theater. She lives in Illinois with her husband and two children.


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