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New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey returns to the life of Nia Simone Bijou (of Pleasure fame) as she embarks on a quest to enhance her artistic gifts through heightened sensory experience, Hollywood-style. 

Four years have passed since the events of Pleasure, and Nia’s success as a writer has grown, bringing her from Atlanta to Los Angeles. But she remains on a quest to quiet her inner storm, to draw on her well of emotions and explore them fully before leaving this season of her life and moving on to what could be the next stage: marriage and motherhood.

Drawn to an exclusive pleasure palace, where patrons try on roles as they actively shun their respective realities, Nia’s ability to balance truth and fantasy becomes increasingly blurred. What has happened to the compartments she has so carefully created for the different aspects of her life? Will her relationship with the mysterious, often unavailable Prada survive the countless temptations? Will her successful literary career be given over to impulse indulgence? Does decadence know any bounds?

When Nia’s past comes back to mingle with her present, and when her staid public persona clashes with her fantasy life of decadence, readers will be stunned by the outcome. Eric Jerome Dickey’s newest tale of excess—and its sky-high costs—is a thrilling portrait of a glittering world.

My Review

Let me get this out of the way at the very beginning, there is a TON of S-E-X in Decadence so you have been warned. I mean, geez people, we are talking about the one and only, Miss Nia Simone Bijou here!!! If you have an issue with sex, then I will let you know now that Decadence is not the book for you. But, if you are open to reading about something we all (hopefully) enjoy, then this is the book for you!!!

Decadence takes place a few years after Pleasure (released in 2009) and Nia is now a successful writer but she still doesn’t believe in limiting herself to one man. She has gone as far as to join a sex club and this is where most of the detailed, graphic sexual writing takes place. But, Eric Jerome Dickey writes in such a melodic way that it is not crass or vulgar. Nia is truly enjoying herself one night at the club until she sees the one man that she has truly loved, Chris.

“I was no longer the naïve girl that I had been back then. I was a woman now. But in reality I knew that no matter how old I was, when I saw him, I would regress to being in college again. This was the part of me that had risen from the ashes of our failed relationship. Now I always sought out what wasn’t available.”

And, this is when we get to witness Eric Jerome Dickey at his finest. Sure, the sensuality, sexiness, and eroticism used in his writing makes him one of the best in the game but it is EJD’s ability to tap into a woman’s thoughts and feelings which make him the ABSOLUTE BEST in the game. I have never read a male author (and even some female authors) that can write so accurately from a woman’s point of view and that is why Eric Jerome Dickey is my favorite author. When EJD writes about love’s downside it felt as if with each passing word that I could feel Nia’s turmoil, pain, and agony.

Like I said in the very first sentence, yes there is plenty of sex in Decadence but it is so much deeper. It is a story of a woman finally facing her past, trying to come to terms with her present, and then becoming optimistic about her future. Eric Jerome Dickey proves that you can eroticism and make it full of substance. Decadence is ONLY for the grown and sexy and if you don’t know about steaming washcloths trust me, learning about them are worth the price of the book itself!!!

And, because I love, love, love Decadence so much I am giving away one (1) kindle edition to a lucky reader!!!

MY RATING: 5 Stars

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Decadence by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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