Little White Lies by Erin Lawless



Beware false friends, and the smiles of certain boys.

Miles and Nicky are getting married.
Unfortunately, their wedding party is a tangle of ex-housemates, ex-friends and ex-lovers.

Leigha, Sukie and Harriet used to be the best of friends.
Unfortunately, there are some things you just can’t forgive.

Johnny thought that Leigha was the love of his life.
Unfortunately, he still thinks that; even more unfortunately, she never loved him at all.

Adam and Harriet might have been something, once.
Unfortunately, now Adam isn’t even sure if he’s going to be able to look her in the face.

So this wedding isn’t just a wedding, it’s a reunion.
Can anything be salvaged from the past? And what really happened between them all, back at university?

With a playful but firm grasp of the zeitgeist, Little White Lies moves back and forth between 2007 and 2012 and seven characters to build up a rich and compelling story, in turns funny and sad, but always honest, about friendship in all its forms and the practicality of second chances.

This novel is a New Adult (British) contemporary novel, recommended for readers aged 17+ due to language and mature situations.


Little White Lies by Erin Lawless follows the lives of 7 individuals throughout their time in college and through early adulthood. The book begins in 2012 and goes back and forth to 2006 which at times was confusing. It was also quite annoying and a tad boring at the beginning to keep track of who was who and their particular storyline but as I kept reading it all became clearer and it became more intriguing.

As with real life, when you are dealing with people whose lives are so intertwined with each others there is sure to be drama, heartache, pain, and misunderstandings and there are definitely some in Little White Lies. I will admit that I felt a connection with this book since I have been to London so I knew some of the places that were discussed and with the phrases used and the spelling that the author used. They are flatmates, they are romantically involved, at times they are frenemies, but most of all they are people that at times allow those pesky little white lies interfere with their friendship.

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Little Whites Lies from the author in exchange for an honest review.




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1.     What message do you hope to convey through Little White Lies?

Little White Lies is about friendship more than anything else; childhood friendships, brand spanking new friendships, the sorts of friendship that turn into love and the sorts of friendship that turn into hate. Friendship is the most precious thing we have, maybe even more precious than love, because friendship is a fundamental part of it.

2.     What was the inspiration for Little White Lies?

I always wanted to write a love story set at university, but I wasn’t quite sure how I should frame it. Then, one day, my other half and I were talking about an upcoming wedding and how we were worried that people we fell out with at university might be present – as the wedding was that of a mutual friend – and how awkward it would be. Ooh! – thought the writer in me – that would be interesting to write… and so off I went!

3.     If Little White Lies were made into a movie, who would you have as your dream cast?

If Little White Lies was made into a movie (although I think a made-for-TV miniseries would be a much better fit, any bigshot producers out there) I’d love for it to be cast with unknown British talent. Oh, except, can we get Taylor Swift on board to play Nicky? She’ll be able to do a passable English accent, right..?

4.     Set the mood for us…when you’re writing, you have to…

With Little White Lies I had to make a playlist of songs that were popular 2004-2008 – the soundtrack to my own years at university! – to really get me in the right frame of mind. More generally though, I have to type sitting up at my PC – I can only edit using a laptop (I need a real keyboard!). There must be copious amounts of tea (black, with loads of sugar).

I have to really know my characters and what I’m doing before I start writing formally (even if when I do, I derail seriously from the planned plot!); I need to be able to answer any question about my characters, even if it’s information that isn’t included or necessary to the story being told. Little White Lies veered madly around and away from its original storyplan, but because I knew each character like a best friend and was certain of how they would each react to different situations, I was able to keep it under (relative) control.

5.     What has been the most surprising and upsetting part of your literary journey?

What’s been both surprising AND upsetting is how many people think Little White Lies is erotica, and either won’t read it – or read it and are disappointed – because it’s not! I know it’s the current ‘hot thing’ and the New Adult genre in particular has an unfair reputation for being “Young Adult books with sex”. In actual fact, Little White Lies is rather British about sex. The characters are certainly having it, but not really ‘on screen’. It’s certainly not the main thrust (ha!) of the story.

6.     When you’re not writing, what authors do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

I’m a bit of a book glutton; I read everything and anything. I love historical fiction (try Elizabeth Chadwick), mature YA (the inimitable John Green, or Lauren Oliver), epic fantasy (Julie Kagawa or, of course, Game of Thrones!) and more old-school fantasy (Tamora Pierce). I am currently reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, which is all kinds of cute, but before that I devoured The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey – wow, what a rollercoaster of a book; my top recommendation this year thus far!

7.     If you had to write your life story, what would the title be? How does that title portray your story?

A girl I used to work with once commented that I say “No worries” an irritating amount, so maybe that? Of course, it would be an ironic title, as I am a total worrier – there is nothing too insignificant that it won’t cause me a momentary brow furrow.

8.     What are three things readers might be surprised to learn about you?

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m a very exciting person! How about…

  • I have an A Level in Japanese.
  • I’m almost 27 years old and I can’t drive.
  • I always choose the Fire-type starter in Pokémon games…

9.     What can your fans look forward to next?

I have many balls in the air at the moment! My next release should be Perseverance, a novella that follows Anne Boleyn in short-story-snapshots between 1522 and 1536; I had to get the historical fiction bug out of my system! Perseverance should be out in the autumn.

After that, I have two contemporary novels, both currently in the planning stages. One is untitled for now, and follows a slightly nerdy British writer (not a self-portrait AT ALL) who self-published a series of fantasy novels that *explode* in popularity after the rush of interest in Game of Thrones etc, and she finds herself involved in the television adaptation of her first book whilst desperately fighting writer’s block in order to write the last.

The second is tentatively called Indefinite Leave to Remain and it’s about a man who works immigration admin in the Home Office; he falls helplessly in love with a Russian girl who’s applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the country, but he only knows her through her application information and the sheaf of letters that her friends have written about her in support. Who knew that immigration law could inspire a romantic comedy??

In the meantime, I am always rambling away on my blog,

10.  Thank you again for allowing me to interview you on Tiffany Talks Books. Are there any last words for those who are reading this interview?

Thank you for having me! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

If you’ve decided to pick up a copy of Little White Lies, then go you, you are obviously a highly intelligent person. I hope very much that you enjoy the read, and leave a review somewhere or drop me a line to let me know what you thought!




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  1. Mary Preston says:

    Honesty & trust – no question about it.

  2. Brandy Myers says:

    Being honest, making an effort

  3. Michelina D says:

    I would say being HONEST and COMMUNICATION between each other would be the most important ones.

  4. Denise F says:

    The key to long lasting friendships is communication, compromise, loyalty and honesty.

  5. Sounds like an interesting read!

  6. Cristina Riquelme says:

    Honesty and be there when you need the most, and show support…

  7. melissa boutsy says:

    communication, trust, honesty.. and laughs 🙂


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