The Perfect Lie by Brian W. Smith

the perfect lie



Treena Carter is about to marry the love of her life, Cedric Calderone, in one week. But, she has one problem – her ex-husband and thirteen year old daughter are determined to stop the wedding. And they come up with the “perfect lie” to make sure the wedding doesn’t happen.


While reading this latest piece of work by Brian W. Smith all I could think about was one of my most favorite movies, Atonement. The Perfect Lie and Atonement are both based on a thirteen year old girl who tells a lie (that is not a simple little white one either) and lives are forever changed. The subject matter in both are heavy and make you wonder just how far will people go to sabotage other people’s happiness.

It is simply amazing how much Brian W. Smith packed into this novella. The Perfect Lie read better than some full length novels as the storyline is complete and a full range of emotions will be felt. As with all of his work, Brian W. Smith will make you think, it will make you mad, and it will make you feel good that you hit the purchase button!






  1. Wanda Dixon says:

    This looks good!

  2. Sounds really interesting!

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