The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore

The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore
Publication date: February 21st 2013
Genre: YA Contemporary
Ashley wants to smash everything in her once-perfect life.
Charlotte wants to walk in Ashley’s seemingly charmed shoes.
Colt wants to turn Smalltown USA on its ear—with Ashley at his side.
Jordan wants to follow his heart…
But Ashley’s the one sacrifice he never expected to make.
Up until now, Ashley Lockett’s followed the rules. She’s always done the right thing, played it safe, gone to church. Then her ideal life is torn apart when her dad dies suddenly.Now she’s miserable and furious, and she makes a vow not to believe in anything. She’s on a mission to do everything opposite of how she lived before—rejecting safety, the rules, faith…

And then she meets Jordan.

Jordan has big dreams, he’s a great kisser, and he wants to help her through her grief. He also believes in everything Ashley now claims to  hate.

Then she meets Colt. He is not safe. And he’s ready to help Ashley fulfill her mission.

The Truth About Letting Go

He grabs me around the waist, easily lifting me off the floor and through the door into his room. He puts me down, but his arms are still around me. They’re warm, and I’m surrounded by the smell of fresh-cut grass, the creek. My eyes travel from his blue shirt to his face, and his expression changes.

“Jordan, I—”

He leans down and cuts me off with a kiss. Soft, warm lips press over mine gently. I only hesitate for half a second before reaching up and weaving my fingers into his hair. I open my mouth, and the flavor of mint grows stronger as our tongues slide together. A burst of energy floods my chest, and suddenly, I’m kissing him again, faster, like I can’t get enough. He’s keeping my pace, and for the first time in months, the painful sadness is gone. In its place is this new feeling, this tense anticipation. I love it, this excitement canceling out that wretched sadness.

Our mouths break apart and we both gasp. He presses his forehead to mine, but my eyes are still closed. I’m smiling.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, pulling me into his chest. “I didn’t mean to—”

But I don’t want to hear that. I reach for his face again, pulling it down to mine. I want more of the good feeling. He lifts me, and my hands stay on his cheeks as I kiss him again and again. A noise comes from his throat, and it’s like gasoline on a fire. All of me is hot and desperate. I barely notice as we fall back onto his bed, me on top, my fingers searching for the buttons on his new shirt. They’re easy to unfasten and soon, I’m sliding my hands over his smooth chest.

My Review

It has been quite some time that I have read a book like The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore and could understood what the main character was feeling and why they behaved the way they did. Ashley, who is a high school senior, has her world turned upside down when her father dies of cancer. She becomes angry, confused, and no longer believes in God because she had been praying for her dad but he died anyway.

“It’s over,” I whisper. “I don’t believe in you anymore.”

This is what Ashley says to God during her period of mourning. And, I know (if we are being real with ourselves), we have all said that as well. Her dad is a good person, a decent father and husband, he eats clean, he counsels others on how to take care of themselves, but cancer still took over his body.

Ashley is the good girl aka the cheerleader aka the beautiful young woman with blonde hair that is still a virgin, but her anger begins to consume her. She stops caring how she dresses for school and she begins to drink alcohol. To top it off, she begins to date Colt who has a reputation of being a bad boy.

Her life is in a tailspin when she begins to let Jordan in. Jordan represents what is good in the world. He desires to help people and make a positive difference. The big question is if Ashley will continue to live in anger or will she let go and move on with her life?

The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore is raw, gritty, and emotional. It does have some religious undertones but nothing too preachy. But, most of all, it is REAL because all of us at some point in our lives has struggled spiritually due to death and/or some other loss. Plus, seeing Ashley go through self-destructive behavior is an in-your-face reminder that we are sometimes our own worst enemy and we must snap out of it. This was my first time reading work by Leigh Talbert Moore and it definitely will not be my last!

DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of The Truth About Letting Go from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 star rating


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Love in a Carry-On Bag by Sadeqa Johnson

Love in a Carry-On Bag by Sadeqa Johnson

Love in a Carry-On Bag by Sadeqa Johnson

Book Description

Publication Date: March 6, 2012
Can a long distance love affair really survive?Erica Shaw spends her week babysitting the country’s bestselling authors for one of the top publishing companies in New York City. But on Friday nights she escapes to DC, where her sexy-lipped musician boyfriend, Warren Prince, works and performs. Their connection is fierce, and the couple promises to never miss a weekend together. But when real life walks in—an overbearing father, an alcoholic mother, office politics, and a lucrative job contract—the couple starts unraveling at the seam. Tempers flare, violence breaks, while new lovers eagerly wait in the wings—to claim both of them.

Drenched in the perils of passion and the sweet-sounds of jazz, Johnson dives deep into the world of ambition and the stumbling blocks of family. Clever, fast-paced and sexy, Love in a Carry-on Bag is a modern day love story that marks the healing power of forgiveness and begs the question, how much baggage is really too heavy to carry.


My Review

Realistic, beautiful and witty are the first three words that come to mind when I reflect on Love in a Carry-On Bag by Sadeqa Johnson. Erica and Warren are in a long-distance relationship and they are committed to seeing one another every weekend rotating between Washington, D.C. and New York City. All seems to be going well with their arrangement until their work obligations begin to overlap with their personal time.

Johnson’s writing style is one that will keep you intrigued and make you feel as if you were inside of the pages. I could hear Warren’s trumpet playing and the emotions he felt as he grieved over his mother. I could feel and understand Erica’s reluctance yet willingness to help her mother every single time she found herself in a jam. The misunderstandings finding common ground, the numerous instances of miscommunication finding clarity, and the love between all characters no matter how dysfunctional will have you recommending Love in a Carry-On Bag to others.

5 star rating

But Love in a Carry-On Bag!

Buy Love in a Carry-On Bag!


The Education of Nia Simone Bijou by Eric Jerome Dickey

The Education of Nia Simone Bijou by Eric Jerome Dickey

The Education of Nia Simone Bijou by Eric Jerome Dickey

Book Description
Publication Date: February 14, 2013
Eric Jerome Dickey, author of fourteen New York Times bestselling novels, imagines the formative college years of one of his most popular heroines, Nia Simone Bijou. This Penguin Special includes a preview of Decadence, coming April 2013.

From her first days at Virginia’s Hampton University, impressionable, creative Nia falls smitten with Chris Eidos Alleyne, an athlete and a scholar.

“Love is sweet nothings and beautiful promises,” Nia writes in her journal. What her girlfriends know, and her mother doesn’t, is that Chris’s expression of love is deeply physical. Wielding powerful charisma, Chris soon has Nia abandoning innocence for experience.

Believing that Chris will reward her sacrifices with lifelong commitment, Nia thrills to her newfound pleasures. She knows in her heart that each act of intimacy draws them ever closer. But when the Big Man on Campus learns to take what is freely given, without regard to love, Nia finds herself newly enrolled in Heartbreak 101.

The Education of Nia Simone Bijou is a rousing tale of youthful passion, once kindled, never extinguished.

My Review

I will start this by saying Nia Simone Bijou is MY girl! Eric Jerome Dickey enlightens us on the college years of Nia from his 2008 book, Pleasure. This novella is one that will not disappoint and is a great filler to get us ready for Decadence that will be released in April. Nia’s college experiences are much like what I had while attending The Ohio State University (and, I’ll assume for others who had the opportunity to attend college), I started as a barely legal adult and on graduation day due to experiences including love, freedom, passion and heartache, I emerged a woman.

“During that era I had sex because of love. I was a slave to my heart, to romance. I was beautifully imperfect, but incapable of seeing my own flaws. That was the arrogance of youth, when you believed that you owned time and gravity, those things that betrayed and aged us in the end, when you believed that universes rotated around your existence. I didn’t understand that my body would want sex even when love wasn’t present.”

Eric Jerome Dickey is my most favorite male author for many reasons and The Education of Nia Simone Bijou will keep him in my top spot. His style & delivery, his ability to connect words and imagery is far above other authors, and he always weaves tasteful erotica with intellectually stimulating conversation. The Education of Nia Simone Bijou is a quick afternoon read and will make you want to go back and read Pleasure all over again and it will definitely get you excited to purchase Decadence which will be released on April 23rd!!

5 star rating

Disclaimer: The book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.