Politics. Escorts. Blackmail. by Pynk



Book Description

Publication Date: December 11, 2012
POLITICS.ESCORTS.BLACKMAIL follows the life of Madam Money Watts and explores the call-girl industry as it spills over into the world of politics in New York City. Money’s exclusive, top escort service operates under the name, Lip Service, and Midori Moody, Leilani Sutton and male escort Kemba Price are her high-end contractors who make a hefty living out of sex for money.

Among her clients are two New York senators who are the very officials voters have elected to make decisions for others to abide by, yet these politicians play by a different set of rules, secretly paying top dollar for the forbidden girlfriend experience. But when a freaky client takes it too far; a pimp wants in on some of the action; and an escort gets greedy, the world of Money Watts is brought to a head.

My Review

Pynk delivers on all three words that make up her latest book title: Politics. Escorts. Blackmail. Pynk is at the top of the game when it comes to storytelling and making a reader feel as if they are actually a part of the story. By the name of the title, it is a given what the substance of the book is about, but this book is far from your typical one about people who escort. Pynk gives us a book from the escort point of view, how they feel about what they are doing, and what really happens behind the scenes.

The story centers on Madam Money Watts and three of her most popular escorts, a male by the name of Kemba Price, a female by the name of Leilani, and Money’s younger sister, Midori Moody. All three of them have turned to escorting for different reasons but each of their stories is absolutely intriguing. Pynk delivers on all angles: suspense, familial relationships, sex, a range of emotions, fetishes, passion, and once again, sex!

Politics. Escorts. Blackmail. by Pynk will make you think about escorts and their chosen lifestyle in a different light. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you tune out whatever is happening around you. But, you have been warned because when you mix together Politics. Escorts. Blackmail. with the flawless storytelling of Pynk, you are in for a steamy read!

5 star rating


Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover


Let me start this review by stating, I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover absolutely took my breath away. We have a young girl who falls for what seems to be a bad boy and we are taken through every single complexity young love brings. But, not only is this about young love it explores much deeper issues that most adults do not want to ever discuss.

Holder…Can we take a minute and talk about Holder? He is the “bad” boy and the one you love to hate but you can’t help to love him. He seems rough and tough on the outside but he is simply a young man that lives with passion and does all that he can to protect those that he loves. His masculinity jumps from the pages and every single word that comes out of his mouth his believable.

Hopeless made me laugh, it made me angry, it made cringe, it made me believe in love, it made me get misty-eyed, and the best part, it made me smile. This book has something for everyone and it deserves all of the recognition it is currently receiving. Hopeless will make you want to have all of your ‘firsts’ all over again! Read it, and you will understand!

5 star rating