The Flesh Sessions by Deouan Wilson

Title: The Flesh Sessions

Author: Deouan Wilson

Headline: Has Potential

Rating: 2.5

The Flesh Sessions is a story about Ryan whose “occupation” is seducing women. His “mark” is a young waitress named Shannon. Ryan thought this would be business as usual but it becomes complicated once he realizes that Shannon is his soul mate. Deouan Wilson attempts to tell a story about what challenges arise when Ryan is conflicted over following his job or following his heart.

This book has the potential to be a much better story but it has a very poor and underdeveloped storyline. The book’s editing errors caused a very major distraction while trying to read. Also, the first chapter was overwhelming in its sexual content that it made me not want to read the rest of the story. With some much needed revisions and the skillful eye of an editor, The Flesh Sessions could be a much better book.

The book was provided by the author for review purposes.

A Mile in My Shoes by Tammi L. Jackson

Title: A Mile in My Shoes

Author: Tammi L. Jackson

Headline: Very Realistic!

Rating: 5

A Mile in My Shoes is the story of young DeLaina. Her story is one that all of us can relate to whether through our own personal experiences and/or that of women that we know. DeLaina did not grow up in a “traditional” home with both of her parents and throughout the book, I constantly kept coming back to the question, if a person can have a loving, trusting relationship with another, if they did not experience this while growing up. Through DeLaina’s journey, we are able to see the highs and lows as she attempts to find love with others and most importantly, for herself.

There are some minor editing issues with the book, but Ms. Jackson has written such an original and captivating story that they were easily overlooked. A Mile in My Shoes is very raw and realistic. The emotional struggles that DeLaina experienced will have you laughing, crying, and 100% invested in her story. This was easily one of the best books that I have read in 2011!

The book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Confessions by Sasha Campbell

Confessions by Sasha Campbell

Title: Confessions
Author: Sasha Campbell
Rating: 4

Heading: Honesty is the Best Policy

Is it possible to save a marriage if each spouse is completely honest with one another?

This debut novel by Sasha Campbell, Confessions, follows the marriages of two lifelong friends. Both of their marriages are in a downward spiral and quickly falling out of control. Nikki is married to Donovan, who is a soldier recently deployed. Her best friend, Trinette, is married to Leon who is a CFO that lives in a different city than his wife.
Nikki is a radio talk show host who gives relationship advice to her listeners. It is quite ironic that Nikki gives advice even though her personal life is in shambles. Under the advisement of Trinette, she decides to date while her husband is away. Trinette, on the other hand, lives the “single” life except when her husband is in town on the occasional weekend.

This book is a page-turner because you want to know what will happen when Donavon comes home. Will Trinette’s double life finally catch up with her? Will confessions be made? Will the four of them be honest with their spouses, but more importantly with themselves about their own behavior?

I recommend this book to everyone, especially those that are married who think their secrets will never be exposed.

This book was provided to me courtesy of the author for review purposes.