Champagne Life by Nicole Bradshaw Review

champagn life



Would you compromise your marriage to get out of debt? Naomi and DeShaun seem to have the perfect life, but when money runs low, they have to face the hard truth: Nothing lasts forever.

DeShaun and Naomi think they have it all: a wonderful marriage, steady jobs, and most important, undying love for each other. It’s a great life. Who could ask for more?

Naomi, twenty-three, works for a bank and is steadily climbing toward a promotion—until her coworker, Jeremy, blows the whistle on her after she spurns his advances. DeShaun, twenty-nine, is a server for a high-end restaurant, where women hit on him all the time. His favorite customers are an older, wealthy couple who love DeShaun and his service—especially Jenn, the wife. DeShaun is tired of his job, so when his boss fires him for stealing, he’s more than happy to walk.

As money runs out, Naomi and DeShaun decide to compromise their morals, trying to stay afloat by any means necessary. Since Jenn, a wealthy wife, loves wasting money on extravagant gifts, why not have some of those gifts come their way—only until they can get on their feet? With Naomi’s urging, DeShaun agrees to provide Jenn with companionship, but things take a terrible turn when he begins to fall for Jenn. Add murder into the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster.

In this cunning novel of moral dilemmas and romantic intrigue, author Nicole Bradshaw shows what happens when Indecent Proposal meets Unfaithful and results in murder.

“You can lose a woman and find another one, but if you lose your livelihood, you’re done. No woman wants a broke loser. Now, if you will be so polite as to pack up your shit and go. This party is over you.”

Whew, this book was one heck of a ride!! Champagne Life is the story of Naomi and DeShaun’s marriage and what extremes they will go to once financial issues arise. Naomi seems to have a pretty decent job at the bank while DeShaun is not having the same luck as a waiter.

I could see a couple going to the extremes that were presented in this book when they are facing a dire financial situation. There were a few parts that were a little over the top but it played well into the entertainment value of the book. Champagne Life was well-written, fast paced, and the ending was worth the wait!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Champagne Life in exchange for an honest review.

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