Couples 101 by A’ndrea Wilson Review

Couples 101




Final Exam Question #3
Can six couples with a boatload of issues survive on the hottest beach in the USA?

Amber and Eric are back in the third installment of the Wife 101 Series, and they are bringing some old friends, plus a few new ones, along for the ride! When relationship educators Martin and Lydia Woods decided to host their church’s first marriage retreat on Miami’s sultry South Beach, they expected it to be eventful, yet they got much more than anticipated. With the help of psychologist Dr. Andrea Wilson, the couple is prepared to teach the art of war by placing their pupils in an environment full of people, parties, and forbidden pleasures.

Amber and Eric are nearing their second anniversary. Their relationship would be smooth sailing, but Amber’s empty womb is causing tension both in and out of the bedroom. Eric’s friend Carl and his wife, Kelly, just wanted a vacation. But when the lights and music of South Beach beckon for Kelly, will her desire to reclaim her youth lead to the detriment of her marriage? Amber’s pastor and first lady, Franklin and Tamela Day, are also on deck, as well as Sarah from the Wife 101 course and her hubby, Jordan. With five couples to counsel, Dr. Wilson certainly has her hands full. Nevertheless, when unforeseen financial issues surface in her own marriage, will she still be able to help her new clients, or will her own husband be the iceberg that sinks her career?

Prayer at sunrise, playtime at sunset, and even a picture perfect dinner cruise, this retreat is guaranteed to be a week these couples will never forget—for better or for worse.



“I didn’t want to be unfaithful like my father, so I had been praying long and hard that God would not tempt me more than I could stand. Jesus be a fence around me and these bikini wearing women on the beach!”

Doesn’t South Beach sound like the most logical place to hold a marriage conference? Of course!!! Who would ever in their right mind get tempted by the bikini-clad women and gorgeous men and solely focus on their spouse and improving their marriage? Somehow, in Couples 101 despite the setting, we meet quite a few couples that are each going through their own set of issues and this book is nothing short of brilliant.

Wife 101 (which is the first book in this series) was one of my most favorite reads of 2012 (it was released late 2011). And, then I thought there is no way A’ndrea can top that but when Husband 101 was released, I was pleasantly surprised. And, silly me thought, there’s no possible way she can do it three times in a row. But, what do you know??? Couples 101 might be the best book in the entire series. There are so many gems and teachable moments that everyone, man or woman, married or single, absolutely everyone should read all three books in this series!!!!








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