Craves the Angst Book Reviews Steps into the Book Blogger Spotlight!

Recently I chatted with Hazel whose blog is titled Craves the Angst Book Reviews and it is great to have her here featured in our Book Blogger Spotlight. Get to know Hazel and about her blog:

1.       When and how did you decide to become a book blogger?

One of the best days of my life! 😉  Seriously, I love blogging. Lets see, how did I become a book blogger… Well, I am a member of Goodreads and through one of my groups, I met a wonderful lady who I’ve become great friends with. She and one of her friends run their own blog and she kept encouraging me to set up my own blog to post my reviews in the hopes to reach a larger audience. For months she nagged and nagged! LOL! Finally, January of 2013, I decided to just go for it. Thus, Craves the Angst was born… and I dont regret it at all. In fact, its enriched my life quite a bit. I love it!

2.       What’s the hardest part of being a book blogger?

Unplugging and living in the real world! LOL! Honestly though, I think the hardest part for me has been gaining an audience and knowing where to submit my links so people can find me. Other than that, its fairly simple and there’s no shortage of books to talk about so I never run out of things to post.

3.       What are your hobbies that you do when you’re not blogging?

I love reading, obviously. I read so much that most of my friends call me “The Book Whisperer”. If they have a question about a book Im usually the first person they come to. I also love to write. Im in the middle of getting my first novel prepped for beta reading and hopefully soon to publication. I also love going to the park and walking the trails or hanging out with my family.

4.       What are your favorite types of posts to do and/or read?

 I love posting cover reveals, guest posts or excerpts. Anything that announces a new or upcoming book are always my favorite because the author is excited about showcasing their new book and that excitement rubs off. Its a beautiful thing to see an authors work explode into the market.

5.       What are your favorite genres to read?

Over the past year, I’ve really come to love New Adult, Contemporary Romance. There seems to be a large number of new authors publishing in this genre as well as established authors branching out. Its a wonderful genre. I also love Young Adult, Adult Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Dark Angsty Romances. So basically, anything with written words! 🙂

6.       How did you come up with your blog name?

 This was the hardest part in the beginning. I wanted something original, something that immediately displayed what my blog would entail. I wrote out three whole pages in a notebook with different names, different anagrams, different variations of my name. It was crazy and I was about to pull my hair out when one night I was laying in bed thinking this over for the millionth time and boom, it just came to me and I was like, thats perfect!

7.       What about your blog design? What inspired it?

I wanted something dark, something that would show right from the start that my blog would be about angsty or dark or serious reads so I made it with dark colors. I designed the header with different words that reflect what kind of reads I love.

8.       As an avid reader, what do you look for in a book?

In order for me to love a book, it has to have compelling characters. Thats the very first thing I look for. If I can’t connect in some way, I just wont love it. I also want a great story. I’d love for it to be original, but its not a requirement, as long as its written well. There are so many different ways to write a story following a familiar outline and with a little creativity, it can be done and done well. That will definitely draw me in and keep me reading.

9.       What are your biggest turn-offs about a book?

Other than un-connectable characters, I dislike failing story lines with huge plot holes. I hate a story that just doesn’t have a solid ground to stand on. I’m also turned off of books with a lot of grammatical or punctuation errors. If its in beta or an unedited copy, these are easily overlooked but if its a finished copy, I really like for my reads to be well edited.

10.   Who are your three favorite authors?

 Wow, this is a hard one. I read so much and in so many different genres that I’d need to list my top three in each genre. But the three that come instantly to mind would be Kristen Ashley, Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb and Kim Harrison.

11.   Which author (dead or alive) would you most like to meet?

Ohh, easy! I’d loved to have met Charlotte Brontë. Her books embody angsty and emotional as well as tragic. Three of my favorite things in a read!

12.   How big is your TBR list? How do you go about tackling it?

My TBR pile is well over 500 books, probably closer to 1000.. and I add to it every day. I’ll never tackle the whole list and that’s ok. Every year, every month, ever week, heck, every day new books are coming out. I dont ever want to hit the end of my list because that means the world has literally come to an end and no one is publishing anymore 😉  But I do put priority to books by my favorite authors or books I’ve signed on to review. And then in my spare time, I pick a few off the list and dig in.

13.   What are your top 3 books from 2013?

Again this is really really hard to answer! I had a lot of favorites in 2013. It was a fabulous year filled with amazing reads. But if I had to pick, it would be…
1) Reckless (Thoughtless #3) by S.C. Stephens
2) Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2) by Pepper Winters
3) Dark Light of Day by T.M. Frazier

14.   How can readers/authors/publishers connect with you?

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Thank you so much Hazel for chatting with the readers of Tiffany Talks Books. Now, everyone go right over to Craves the Angst Book Reviews and show your support. Make sure to tell her that Tiffany sent you!


  1. Thank you so very much for Spotlighting “Craves the Angst” on your blog today! This post looks fantastic and you are generous indeed to do this. You’re the best! — Hazel @ Craves the Angst

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