Dangerous Destiny by Sean D. Young

Dangerous Destiny


Domestic violence survivor, Victoria Johnson is running from her past.
The most difficult decision she ever had to make in her life was to leave her child.
She takes a job as a nanny thinking it is the perfect hiding place. But, the last thing
she expects is to fall for her new employer.

James Anderson didn’t have much luck with love and marriage. Reeling after his wife
walked out on him and his young son, James is left to pick up the pieces. Hiring
Victoria is a big decision and he soon finds himself attracted to her.
Despite discovering his new nanny has been harboring a dangerous secret, he offers his help.
But first, he must let go of the bitterness he’s been holding onto and forgive his ex-wife
so that he and Victoria can have a chance at Happily ever after.


Known for her romance novels, Dangerous Destiny is Sean’s first venture into the romantic suspense genre. Domestic violence is a serious topic and while it was respectfully discussed the writer could’ve delved a little deeper describing the backstory and the lasting effects on the main character’s life. This book was quite touching when you think about the lengths that someone will go to keep them and their loved ones safe and to know that there are some good people that will help along the way.
Dangerous Destiny was a little far-fetched but it was still entertaining. It’s always neat to see authors push themselves and try something outside of their comfort zone. Young is an excellent romance novelist and it is my hope that she will continue writing in this new genre!

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