Eye of the Beholder by Elissa Gabrielle

Eye of the Beholder by Elissa Gabrielle

Eye of the Beholder by Elissa Gabrielle

The true measure of our existence begins with the way we view the world.

Jerusalem “Jay” Jones has experienced the uglier side of life. As an Iraq war Veteran, he is a hero for bravely putting his life on the line to serve his country. But that unselfish act resulted in him lying in a Veteran’s hospital with injuries he sustained from the war. His present circumstance should be a cakewalk for Jerusalem considering what he has witnessed both as a child and while in the heat of battle. The pleasantries of love, laughter and life have always seemed to elude him. From his early days as a child growing up abused and terrorized on the tough streets of Newark, to being all that he could be in the military, Jerusalem’s life has been anything but pleasant and attractive when viewed from the surface. Now, vulnerable and reclusive, he must face the world he joined the military to escape, armed with only dark secrets from his past, a bruised and burdened psyche and limits to him physically.

Jill Lopes longs to fix the wounded and broken, but before she can heal the sick, she must first mend her own battle scars of unhappiness and resistance, and find a way to push past the experiences that haunt her. When fate boldly steps in and introduces itself into Jerusalem’s and Jill’s lives, they realize that the challenges we meet in life hold the power to open us to a higher, more meaningful existence. Will they both be able to view the world for what it really is under the clear truth of who they are and what they are capable of becoming together? Does beauty really lie in the eye of the beholder? Experience the power of love on this redemptive journey where the purpose of the tribulations in one’s life, will be empowered to reveal the gifts they bring.

This is one review I should have written a long time ago, because Eye of the Beholder is a beautiful story that every romance lover should know about. It reminded me of an updated version of Beauty and the Beast. Jay is the injured soldier and Jill is his nurse and their progression from this relationship to one of romance is quite captivating.

While Jay has the visible scars due to his profession, he also has feelings of self-doubt which makes him question if anyone would be willing to look past them and see what’s on the inside. Jill also has scars, but hers are emotional. Eye of the Beholder explores what happens when we let our guards down and allow someone to enter into our lives and see past the facade.

I am embarrassed to admit that this was my first time reading a book by Elissa Gabrielle. Her writing style is quite poetic and just like fine wine, the flow is smooth and soothing to the soul. Eye of the Beholder is how romance should be written!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Eye of the Beholder in exchange for an honest review.

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