Games Divas Play by Angela Burt-Murray

Games Divas Play by Angela Burt-Murray

Games Divas Play by Angela Burt-Murray

An erotic thriller that asks the question, How Far Would You go to Stay on Top?

MEET NIA: When this celebrity journalist learns her best friend Vanessa is in danger she rekindles a passionate affair with a dangerous former lover. “I can’t resist his lips, his touch, his body. But he’s the only one that can help my friend stay alive.”

MEET LAILA: From kinky threesomes to seductive sexting this video vixen is determined to steal Vanessa’s millionaire husband using every sexy trick in her playbook. “Why should I sleep alone if she can’t satisfy her husband’s deepest desires?”

MEET VANESSA: Desperate housewife determined to keep her NBA husband and keep her family safe from a violent stalker. “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my man and protect my family fortune.”

An ambitious entertainment reporter, millionaire basketball player, desperate wife, scandalous groupie, and murderous stalker. Games Divas Play takes you between the sheets of professional sports where everyone plays to win.

When Nia Bullock lands a job as editor-in-chief of the hot new magazine and web site DivaDish, she finds that her platinum dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare. Battling backstabbing colleagues and reeling from murderous threats, she must turn to an ex-boyfriend for help.
Vanessa King, the first lady of the NBA, is looking for a fresh start with her husband, Marcus, the new star point guard for the New York Gladiators who’s as popular with the ladies as he is with hoops fans. Since marrying her college sweetheart, Vanessa has learned to deal with life with a professional athlete–the groupies, the paparazzi, and the unchecked ego of a man the sports world puts on a pedestal.
When Laila James, self-proclaimed “Golden Goddess,” sets her sights on Marcus and shops a reality show based on their affair–and then a dangerous stalker threatens his family–Vanessa turns to her best friend Nia to save her marriage and her life.
In the first book in the Diva Mystery series, three women engage in a ruthless battle for love and the limelight, and soon learn what it really takes to stay on top.

“Slipping the gun out of my pocket, I stood at the foot of the bed and raised it level with his broad muscled back. And then I pulled the trigger. After all, promises were made.

Whew, talk about a prologue and setting the scene! Who has the gun? Who did they shoot? My mind was already in overdrive and the book had not even really started yet. I thought what a promising beginning.

From time to time, I like to watch some of those ridiculous reality shows so this book seemed like an great escape for a few hours. There’s a professional athlete named Marcus who is a cheater. And, his STUPID butt doesn’t cheat with a low-key chick, he makes the choice to cheat with a video vixen named Laila who is yearning for her own fifteen minutes of fame.

The mistress is bold and has absolutely no shame with being a side chick, but of course, she is plotting to become number one. It was a surprising twist to the book when it was revealed who Laila was working with in her attempt to become a basketball wife. Overall, this book was entertaining to read, but there were some errors that prevented it from being an excellent read. For example, during one scene of the book it states they were at a party and DJ Kid Capri was there, but then on the next page or so, it says it was DJ Nice. There were other errors but it did not really detract from the big picture.

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Games Divas Play in exchange for an honest review.


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