Generational Dysfunctions: Perfect Imperfections (Volume 1) by Anica Walston

Title: Generational Dysfunctions: Perfect Imperfections (Volume 1)

Author: Anica Walston

Rating: 4

Headline: Great Piece of Work!

“Generational Dysfunctions” by Anica Walston is a fascinating piece of work. The book centers around four women: Bernice, Diana, Tracey, and Veronica. Each woman is going through their own struggles that any woman can relate to in real life. Walston takes us on very dramatic rides as each woman battles the pain and agony of heartbreak, pain, unwillingness to forgive, and trying to find their own identity.

A beautiful and unique poem is used to introduce us to each of the characters. “Generational Dysfunctions” is a book for any woman that has lived life and endured any type of struggle. I am looking forward to Volume II and other work by Anica Walston.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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