If These Trees Could Talk by Brian W. Smith


Title: If These Trees Could Talk

Author: Brian W. Smith

Rating: 5

Headline: It Will Touch Your Heart

Two boys. One black. One white. One rich. One poor. Stevie and Josh have very different backgrounds so their friendship seems very unlikely. No one knows that they share a meeting spot in the middle of the woods where they can discuss a secret without judgment or retaliation.

Brian W. Smith tackles the issue of child molestation in such a manner that you the reader, feels emotionally invested in these two young boys. I found myself wanting to reach inside of the book and save both of them from their homes and the adults that were hurting them. This to me means that the author did an exceptional job of creating his storyline and developing his characters.

This was my first time reading a book by Brian W. Smith but it will definitely not be my last. You have a fan for life in me!


  1. Thank you for this flattering review. I truly appreciate the support. I really enjoyed writing this book, and I hope it moves other readers too.

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