Merry Ex-Mas by Victoria Christopher Murray

merry ex-mas





A Christmas novella from the Essence bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray

Six years ago, Sheridan, Kendall, and Asia each had an “ex” in their lives. From a broken marriage, to the shattered bond of trust, to the destruction of a bright future, all three deeply felt the loss of their men. To help cope with the pain, their pastor organized a support group for the trio, which blossomed into a strong sisterhood. Although it has taken years, they have slowly rebuilt their lives.

But now, their exes are back–at Christmas! And the wonderful holiday season is flipped upside down when Sheridan has to sit down with her ex and his fiancée, Kendall has to break bread with the two people she hates the most, and Asia has to make nice with her ex’s wife.

None of the women want to be there, and they let everyone know it! Three dinners, three disasters, one Merry Ex-Mas.



“Here’s what you always have to remember. You can always go to God in prayer; He will always meet you there, and He will always forgive you. But know that even forgiven sins have consequences.”

I will start this review by stating that I absolutely adore everything that Victoria Christopher Murray writes and Merry Ex-Mas is another good one!!! Murray has the unique talent to be able to write a contemporary story that has Christian undertones (see above quote) and plenty of life lessons along the way. While Merry Ex-Mas is a novella, it packs as much punch as some full-length novels. Merry Ex-Mas is a perfect holiday read!!!







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