Naughtier than Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey

Naughtier than Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey

Naughtier than Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey

Readers first met the McBroom sisters in Eric Jerome Dickey’s New York Times bestseller Naughty or Nice. In the highly anticipated sequel, Naughtier than Nice, we find out what happens on the other side of the fairy tale.

The lives of Frankie, Tommie, and Olivia (Livvy) haven’t turned out quite as planned. Frankie has a pair of stalkers. The life that Tommie had dreamed of having with Blue has become anything but perfect, and Olivia, despite her efforts, hasn’t been able to get over the psychological barrier caused by her husband’s affair in Naughty or Nice.

Frankie’s life has taken on an element of danger, and she calls upon Driver, an ex-con who first appears in Dickey’s Drive Me Crazy, to bail her out of a potentially life-threatening situation, but that is a secret she has kept from her sisters.

Tommie and Blue are now engaged, but due to something her more-mature love has done, the wedding is indefinitely on hold. As Blue and Tommie remain the perfect couple in public, Tommie has found herself physically attracted to a younger man. But that is a secret she has kept from her sisters.

Livvy is trying to recapture the adventure she had during her revenge affair. She is seldom intimate with her husband, Tony, but when she has relations with him, it is by her rules and under certain conditions—it has to be a ménage à trois. But that is a secret she has kept from her sisters.

Though the sisters are as close as any sisters could be, none wants the other two to know the dark secrets she is hiding. And during this season, all of the McBroom sisters are Naughtier than Nice.

“Dickey has deft control of each voice, and the Los Angeles backdrop is so well drawn that it becomes a character in its own right.” Publishers Weekly

“[A] steamy tale of lustful women troubled in love… Dickey’s fans will rejoice.” Kirkus 

“A thrilling ending and loads of hot sexual gymnastics will draw Dickey’s many fans.” —Library Journal

“An absorbing read.” Booklist

He put an engagement ring on my finger when a wedding ring was already on another woman’s hand. I snapped, “You’re a monster, Franklin.”

WHAT THE WHAT??? Ummmm, run that by me again!! All I could think was what kind of game was this fool trying to play and I was going to read until I got some answers!!

I will keep this short and sweet, EJD has been my favorite author for years and this book has kept him at the top spot on my list. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve never experienced another male author that can write such strong and believable female characters like EJD. He crafts an entire story that is exceptional in its dialogue, the drama, the various emotions, and the overall message of forgiveness, love and trying again after disappointment and heartbreak. Do yourself a favor and spend a few hours with the McBroom sisters!!!

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