No One Knows You’re Here by Rachel Howzell

Title: No One Knows You’re Here

Author: Rachel Howzell

Rating: 4

Headline: A Good Mystery

Syeeda McKay is a crime reporter who finds herself in the middle of an investigation in No One Knows You’re Here by Rachel Howzell. Syeeda is given a tip about a recent murder and her and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Detective Adam Sherwood, work together to try to solve this case. No One Knows You’re Not Here is simply not a crime novel as Howzell does an excellent job of delving into the complex relationship between Syeeda and Adam.

No One Knows You’re Here is fast-paced and will keep you intrigued from the very first page. Howzell writes with great detail about how a cold case operates and how to try to solve one. But, what impressed me most about this book was how realistic it was especially Syeeda’s relationship with Adam. Whether we admit it or not, we all have insecurities and I believe that Howzell wrote a relatable story in which all of us can see a little bit of ourselves in and can understand.

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