On Solid Ground by Jo Anne Meekins

Title: On Solid Ground
Author: Jo Anne Meekins
Rating: 5/5
Headline: An Inspirational book for any occasion
“On Solid Ground” is a collection of inspirational poetry written by Jo Anne Meekins. Each poem has a relevant Bible verse to go with it that speaks directly about that topic. Each poem is thought-provoking and all have a positive tone.
Jo Anne Meekins covers a wide range of topics throughout the book such as: encouragement, challenge, relationship, celebrations, comfort, and testimony. She also includes a collection of poems about the renewal and positive changes within the black community. This book could be used as a supplement to daily devotions as it speaks directly to the heart.

“On Solid Ground” is a very well written and well organized collection of poetry. The stand-out poem to me is titled, “A Faithful Companion.” It led me to examine various relationships in my life and realize that I do not have a more faithful companion than God. I was truly blessed by reading this book and my spirit was renewed. I would highly recommend this book to others. 
This book was provided to me courtesy of the author for review purposes.

You Opened Your Legs Before I Opened My Heart by Jerald L. Howard

Title: You Opened Your Legs Before I Opened My Heart
Author: Jerald L. Howard
Rating: 3/5
Headline: Open Your Heart Before Anything Else
An old question is when is the appropriate time to move a relationship to one that becomes physical. “You Opened Your Legs Before I Opened My Heart” explores this topic as we, the readers, are exposed to couples that allowed a physical relationship to develop before an emotional attachment has been formed. This book aims to answer if sex alone can keep your partner interested in you and the relationship.
This book is a sequel to Howard’s “Life After the Night,” and since I have not read the first book in the series it took a while for some of the pieces of the puzzle to come together for me. Most of the storyline focuses on Lance and Tameka, a married couple at a crossroad because they are not sure who the father of Tameka’s unborn child is. The other main character is Radiance who displays very confusing behavior especially at the end of the book. Radiance’s behavior is always to the extreme and was not very believable.
“You Opened Your Legs Before I Opened My Heart” has the potential to be a much better book but it started out very slow and it took awhile for the pace to pick up. There were also quite a few spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book that if they were corrected it could make reading this book much smoother. I would recommend a title change as well because I would have never picked it up if it was not sent to me for review purposes.
Overall, this book has great potential.

This book was provided to me courtesy of the author for review purposes.

A Forever Love by Sheila Goss

A Forever Love by Sheila Goss

Reviewed by: Kay
Rating: 4
This book is a warm and inviting read about a second chance at love. That opens the question…no matter how devastating the past, can you really go back?  Does love really conquer all?
Trina  immaturely decided  that her High School Sweetheart had a promising career and there was no room for her.  So she made an impromptu decision in High School to abruptly end their relationship.
She was Timothy’s everything, nothing mattered more that Trina. He was confused and devastated as she never gave him a reason why she ended the relationship.  He was devastated for years even to the point that no woman was ever allowed allowed in his master bedroom.  Tim’s successful career was beyond his imagination…but there is still one thing missing….
I rate it 4 out 5 and would recommend it to the romantics that believe love can endure anything.