Passion Ignited by Kayla Perrin

Passion Ignited by Kayla Perrin

Passion Ignited by Kayla Perrin

Haunted by a life he couldn’t save, Omar Ewing walked away from his successful family business to become a firefighter—risking his own life every day. Now he’s sworn to track down an arsonist who’s already struck twice. Working with beautiful local journalist Gabrielle Leonard definitely has its perks…until the man who finds it safer to play the field is in danger of losing his heart.

Gabrielle has her own reasons for teaming up with Omar to investigate the suspicious blazes. But the seductive San Francisco firefighter is bringing her dangerously close to a flame that has burned her before. With each scorching kiss, Omar is branding her his woman. But when Gabrielle becomes a target, will she be able to trust her future to the man who has vowed to protect her at all costs?

I was initially drawn to the book because of the cover. It is simple yet beautiful with the smoke in the background. The cover and synopsis made me think I was in store for one HOT read, but it ended up being lukewarm. Omar has all of the makings to be the type of book hero we all dream of and Gabrielle is the strong-willed heroine that will be “tamed” by Omar. Perrin writes an entertaining and fast-paced story but it was just a tad bit too predictable for my taste which is why I rate it a 3.5 instead of 4.

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Passion Ignited in exchange for an honest review.

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