Pretty Girls in the VIP by Daaimah S. Poole Review

pretty girls in the vip

In this hot new novel from Essence® bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole, three women are determined to ride their rich men’s successes to the very top. . .

When her marriage to an NFL phenom ended, so did Adrienne Sheppard’s chance at wealth and security. Now she’s betting on her exclusive new nightclub–and her new man–to turn her luck around. . . Sexy vixen Shanice Whitaker is taking her pay-for-play schemes to a whole new level to stack up the mad fortune of her dreams. . . And Zakiya Lee is sure she knows how to work the sports fame game straight into full-time professional wife-hood with her NBA star. . .

But Zakiya’s all-access pass to her man isn’t keeping him from straying, or endangering her dreams. Shanice’s exploding stardom is putting all her dirty tricks of the trade under the merciless media spotlight–and her future on the line. And Adrienne’s insatiable greed for having it all right now is blinding her to business-ending secrets. Soon all three will learn the hard way that truly making it on their own will cost more than they bargained for. . .

“A voice of her generation.” –Black Issues Book Review

“Poole’s latest sizzles with sex, dazzles with drama, and captivates with boundless emotion…Exciting and compelling from the first to the last page.” ‑‑RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars on Another Man Will

“A definite must read.” –Candice Dow on Somebody Else’s Man

“Colorful. . .if you love scandal, this is the book for you!” –Anna J on A Rich Man’s Baby

Pretty Girls in the VIP is one of the those books that you read when you want to take a break from reality television but are craving that same kind of drama. In this book we meet three young women that will do what it takes to make it to the top. The majority of the book is built around these ladies trying to use and scheme men to attain a level of wealth and prominence. It started slow and it took a lot in me to keep pushing and reading. The second half did pick up and this book does represent a fragment of the female population who would prefer to rely on their looks and the hard work of men to make it instead of gaining success on their own. Even though I do not agree with women being depicted in this manner, it is a sad reality. Overall, Pretty Girls in the VIP was a fun book!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Pretty Girls in the VIP in exchange for an honest review.

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