Chains of Deception by Jacqueline D. Moore

chains of deception



“What Happens in this house, stays in this house.”

Renee was a woman who seemed to have it all; a wonderful husband, loving family, wonderful church family, great job and the house of her dreams. She and her husband Gary have a very loving relationship. Or do they?
From the outside, Renee’s world gives the appearance of perfection. That is until a mysterious new broker by the name of Stephen Morretti begins working at the same firm with Renee. He is very charismatic and there is definite sexual tension between him and Renee. He will become the catalyst for Renee’s voyage into a world of addiction.
Regina and Joseph Michaels are Renee’s doting parents. They are pillars of the church and looked up to in their community. They were always an integral part of Renee, who was their only child’s life. Or were they? They know the truth behind the veil of lies that Renee has created for her survival.
Aunt Lucinda is not only Renee’s shelter in the storm; she holds the secrets of the past in her memories. She is who Renee turns to when her life starts to unravel; she will become the balm that allows her to begin to heal from the wounds of her present and her past.
Uncle Larry is Lucinda’s husband and her grandfather, Marcus Caine’s, brother. He holds three generations of guilt and will try to make amends to his family for all the pain and grief that his brother has inflicted upon the three generations of women.
Chains of Deception will take you on a journey of family secrets, betrayal, lust and lies. Generational curses and soul ties abound in this story of learning to heal from the wounds of our past and learning to forgive others as well as ourselves for the mistakes of our present.


“Feigning excitement over the meal he had prepared, Renee began to settle in to their bland routine for the evening.”

From the outside looking in, Renee seems to have a pretty nice life. She has a good career, a beautiful home, and a man that adores her. But, Renee isn’t on the outside looking in, this is her life and she is unhappy. So, what does she do? She looks outside of her marriage instead of being honest with those in her life.

A new co-worker named Stephen catches Renee’s eye and her life isn’t the same. She welcomes the attention from him and an affair begins.

“His kiss, oh to have his kiss; I would sell my soul for another one. His kiss was the kiss of death; a death that I would willingly die over and over again.”

Renee has allowed herself to become completely immersed into this affair and Moore writes this section of the book impeccably.

But, what happens when Renee must choose between her husband and her lover?  What happens when Renee must face her demons and come face to face with what has been holding her hostage to her past? Jackie Moore writes a story that needs to be told and one that will make us wonder if the old saying, “What happens in this house stays in this house” is a good manta after all.

DISCLAIMER:  I received a complimentary copy of Chains of Deception in exchange for an honest review.








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