Champagne and Chocolate Kisses by Theresa Hodge

Champagne and Chocolate Kisses by Theresa Hodge

Champagne and Chocolate Kisses by Theresa Hodge

Book Description

Publication Date: February 6, 2013
Serenity Passion Champagne is a young, successful Big, Bold, Beautiful, Bodacious African American Woman holding it down and handling her business. There’s just one problem. She’s painfully celibate and has developed an insatiable sweet tooth for chocolate. As we all know, chocolate is sweet on your lips, but cruel to your hips, so Serenity has put on a few extra pounds. Not to worry, she’s off to the gym to lose those unwanted pounds and to find a substitute for her chocolate obsession. There she meets twin brothers who give a whole new meaning to the sweet taste of chocolate. Join her on this crazy journey as she makes the difficult choice to only pick one. This is an Erotic Romance Novelette and may contain Hot Sex Scenes, Hot Men and a Hot and Bothered Woman who discovers that three can be comfortable too!
My Review

Champagne and Chocolate Kisses by Theresa Hodge is a short and steamy novella. The setting is right before Valentine’s Day and Serenity is a celibate woman who secretly has a crush on Jonathan. Little does she know Jonathan has a crush on her and so does his twin brother Jason. Serenity and Jonathan quickly begin a steamy, hot torrid affair but it gets even steamier once Jason reveals himself to her. I stopped from giving this novella a 5 star rating because it has a disclaimer at the beginning asking readers to forgive and overlook the errors and I simply could not overlook that. Champagne and Chocolate Kisses is quick read that will definitely hold your attention because Jason and Jonathan are two sexy, athletic, chocolate men and who doesn’t love chocolate???

4 star rating



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    Thank you so much for the review Tiffany!

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