Undertow by Leigh T. Moore




Falling in love will pull you under…


-Bill Kyser has a plan to take the sandy farms of his hometown and turn them into a world-class tourist destination–and become a billionaire in the process. 

-Alexandra “Lexy” LaSalle has a plan to change her life by becoming a world-famous artist. 

-Meg Weaver has a plan to hold onto Bill no matter what she has to do.


Three friends, three dreams.

One fatal decision will change all their lives forever.


Anna & Julian~


My dilemma was heavy on my mind, but more than that, I didn’t want to wait anymore. I’d read too much about people in love being kept apart.


I was terrified of us getting closer and Julian finding out what I knew, but in this moment, with him standing right here in front of me, I didn’t want to think about Bill Kyser anymore. I didn’t want to worry about the past. I wanted to think about my future.


“School starts back Monday,” I said. “Are we still doing everything?”


A little grin flickered across his lips. “Correction. Everything together.”


I looked up at his blue eyes, and I couldn’t resist. I stepped to him and put my arms around his waist. He quickly wrapped me in an embrace, and soothing calm flooded my body.


As if on cue, the fireworks show went off behind me, and I looked back at the green, red, and gold glittering lights illuminating the ocean. My cheek rested on Julian’s chest, and we didn’t say anything as we watched.


I felt him gently stroke my hair, his chin on the top of my head. I listened to his heart beat during the pauses. His breath moving in and out, mixing with the sound of the waves roaring behind me.


Before long the whole sky burst into a nonstop display of lights and explosions. It was the signal for midnight, and I tilted my head up. He looked down, and I lifted my chin higher, meeting his lips. My hold on his waist tightened as my mouth opened and I tasted his minty-sweet kiss.


Delicious warmth flooded my body just like before, and I felt his lips curve into a smile. Mine did the same. It was exactly what we both wanted, our bodies close, this bond strengthening between us.


His kiss moved to the corner of my mouth, then my cheek, and he looked deep into my eyes. “I know, you still want to go slow.”


My face felt flushed with emotion. “I think we can pick up the pace.”


You know that feeling that you know you should not be reading something but you just can’t stop? It is almost like when you see an accident on the road and instead of focusing forward you look over and almost cause your own accident. That’s how I felt while reading Undertow by Leigh T. Moore. It is the sequel to Dragonfly which was released earlier this summer and it gives an insight into the backstory of Meg, Alex (Lexy), and Billy.

“Dear Journal, My best friend is sleeping with my husband.”

OMG, with a line like that in a journal entry how could I tear myself away from reading Undertow? Dragonfly ended with Billy giving young Anna the journals from Meg, Alex, and himself so she could try to have some understanding into their relationships and why things are in their current state and those journals make up most of the substance of Undertow. It is truly an intimate look into the lives of these three people from when they were young adults and how the dynamics of their friendships shifted, changed, and then formed their adult lives.

Leigh T. Moore does something short of amazing by basically writing a book inside of a book. What I mean is that when reading Dragonfly we think the story is about Anna but somehow in Undertow, Anna is still the main character but we are totally consumed by Meg, Alex, and Billy’s backstory. And, now armed with all of this information, we all must wait until the next installment in this series to see what action Anna decides to take.

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Undertow in exchange for an honest review.





Leigh Talbert Moore is the author of the popular young adult romantic comedy The Truth About Faking, its companion The Truth About Letting Go, and the mature YA/new adult romantic suspense novel Rouge, a Quarter Finalist in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.


She is an award-winning journalist and editor, who has also worked in marketing and public relations for many years. Her writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the southeast and Midwest U.S., and she runs the popular writing-craft blog That’s Write.


A southern ex-pat and beach bum, she currently lives with her husband, two young children, and one grumpy cat in the Midwest.


Connect online:


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  1. Thanks so much, Tiffany! So happy you LURVED Undertow~ :o) <3

  2. Lorie Glowania says:

    I used to keep a journal of all my thoughts

  3. Jennifer Crawford says:

    I kept a private journal in high school . . . . and then my mom read it. I was pissed at first (understandably), but in the end it really brought us closer together. I decided if she wanted to know my “business” badly enough to snoop, I’d just tell her EVERYTHING she DIDN’T want to know. We are besties now with no reason to lie!

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