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Three bad things I learned this year:

-People you trust lie, even parents. 

-That hot guy, the one who’s totally into you, he might not be the one. 

-Things are not always how they appear.

Three good things I learned this year:

-Best friends are always there for you, even when they’re far away. 

-That other hot guy, the one who remembers your birthday, he just might be the one. 

-Oh, and things are not always how they appear.

Anna Sanders expected an anonymous (and uneventful) senior year until she crossed paths with rich-and-sexy Jack Kyser and his twin sister Lucy.


Pulling Anna into their extravagant lifestyle on the Gulf Coast, Lucy pushed Anna outside her comfort zone, and Jack showed her feelings she’d never experienced… Until he mysteriously withdrew.


Anna turned to her internship at the city paper and to her old attraction for Julian, a handsome local artist and rising star, for distraction. But both led to her discovery of a decades-old secret closely guarded by the twins’ distant, single father.


A secret that could permanently change all their lives.


Be watching for Undertow, Book 2 in the Dragonfly series, coming July 18!


Falling in Love Changes Everything…


“C’mon,” Julian said, helping me stand. “Let’s blow off this party and catch a movie or go to Scoops. This isn’t our scene.”

I shook my head. “I just really want to go home.” The tears were trying to start again. “Can I just go home now?”

“Sure,” he said, holding my cheek. I took a limping step, and he stopped. “Does it hurt to walk?” 

My leg was throbbing. I nodded, looking down, and before I realized what was happening, he was lifting me in his arms. 

“Julian, wait,” I held his shoulders. “I’m too heavy!” 

“It’s okay,” he said, walking on. I sighed and leaned my head against his shoulder. I didn’t feel like fighting. Gentle pressure against my temple, and he’d kissed me. “You’ll get over this,” I heard him say under his breath.


The synopsis and excerpt of Dragonfly had me quite intrigued to read it so I was overjoyed when I was asked to be a part of its blog tour. Dragonfly starts out in almost typical fashion of a young girl who thinks she is simply a “plain jane,” who all of a sudden finds herself in the middle of a love triangle.

Dragonfly is the story of Anna. She is a high school student who is more focused on her studies and becoming a journalist than on boys. This all changes when she sees Jack. Her world begins to turn upside down as she finds herself only wanting to be around Jack despite his disappearing acts.

Enter Julian. Anna was his tutor and she believed that was the extent of their relationship. Once he begins to see Anna spending time with Jack, he feels it is time for him to make a move. Who will Anna choose? Why does it take her so long to decide?

Dragonfly by Leigh T. Moore has potential but it did leave me feeling slightly disappointed. I wanted to like Anna’s character but there were quite a few times that she annoyed me because the choice was quite clear between Jack and Julian. Despite that, Dragonfly was a good read and it got quite interesting once the storyline of the parents started to develop. I am looking forward to reading more about their story once Undertow is released later this summer!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Dragonfly in exchange for an honest review.




Hi, Tiffany! Thanks so much for having me here and for reading my new book!

 1.     What message do you hope to convey through Dragonfly?


Unlike “The Truth” books, Dragonfly isn’t really a “message” book. It’s more like my book Rouge, which is just fun, escapist, romantic fiction.


When I wrote it, I was living near the coast in south Alabama, and a realtor there laughingly told me once how visitors to the area always thought their resort chain was named after a real man (it wasn’t).


That kind of got my imagination going, and I came up with this soapy family saga surrounding a man who developed this small coastal town. His actions, mistakes, and decisions, which readers will learn about in Book #2 (Undertow), launched this whole chain of events that main character Anna stumbles into.

2.     What was the inspiration for Dragonfly?


Rut roh! I guess I answered this one in #1! Haha! Sorry!

3.     If Dragonfly were made into a movie, who would you have as your dream cast?


I actually wrote the book in 2009, and as the story progresses, it moves into New Adult genre, which didn’t exist back then. For that reason, my dream cast is a little outdated.


I would LOVE it if readers wanted to make their own dream cast collages and email them to me (leightmoore(at)gmail.com)! I’ll post them all on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LeighTalbertMoore)

 4.     Set the mood for us…when you’re writing, you have to…


Have quiet. I really do. I know some people like to write in Starbucks or with music playing—omg. I would never get anything done that way—LOL! I tend to stare at the ceiling a lot, and then I’ll get this brainstorm and furiously type for about an hour…

 5.     What has been the most surprising and upsetting part of your literary journey?


Surprising to me is that I ended up self-publishing my books. I had an agent, I had a proposed contract with Simon & Schuster, but traditional publishing is really broken. The system punishes writers for using it. And I had always been extremely anti-self-publishing because I worked as an editor in publishing for the first 10 years after college. And I even started my masters degree studying the Business of Book Publishing!


But I love it. And I’m glad I have that experience. And I love getting to know my readers and fellow writers. It’s a great time to be a writer, and everything’s changing so fast. I’m sure it’ll all come around. And writers will benefit from it!

 6.     When you’re not writing, what authors do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?


I have several all-time favorite authors—Sarah Dessen, Barbara Kingsolver, Deb Caletti. But I also have a LOAD of new favorite writer-friend authors—Jolene Perry, Karen Hooper, Susan Quinn, Magan Vernon… the list goes on and on! I actually founded a book club I love reading and talking about books so much—LOL!

 7.     If you had to write your life story, what would the title be? How does that title portray your story?


Omg… this is a hard one. I guess the title would be “Unexpected.” I never expected to be where I am today and doing what I’m doing. And I love it!

 8.     What are three things readers might be surprised to learn about you?


I’m really sort of a dork. Wait—you already knew that? Haha! I love old movies. LOVE them.

 9.     What can your fans look forward to next?


Well, I’m going to complete the Dragonfly series through early 2014. The first two books were written in 2009-2010, so they’re coming out quickly. Book #3 (Watercolor) is almost finished, so it will be out late Sept/early Oct. Then Book 4 is all notes. I hope to have it done by early Jan 2014. I think that will wrap it up. After that, I’m back to finishing the Rouge series.

 10.  Thank you again for allowing me to interview you on Tiffany Talks Books. Are there any last words for those who are reading this interview?

Just THANK YOU all so much for reading my books, for being so cool in helping me spread the word, and for all your support! You have no idea how much it means to me. I hope you love the Dragonfly series! J <3



Leigh Talbert Moore is the author of the popular young adult romantic comedy The Truth About Faking, its companion The Truth About Letting Go, and the mature YA/new adult romantic suspense novel Rouge, a Quarter Finalist in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.


She is an award-winning journalist and editor, who has also worked in marketing and public relations for many years. Her writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the southeast and Midwest U.S., and she runs the popular writing-craft blog That’s Write.


A southern ex-pat and beach bum, she currently lives with her husband, two young children, and one grumpy cat in the Midwest.


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  1. Thanks, Tiffany! I think you’ll see some nice evolution as Anna grows up in the next book. But we have to start somewhere, right? ;o) Can’t wait to see what you think~

    Best, <3

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