Review: Mattie’s Call by Stacy Campbell

When their mother goes missing from her nursing home, three estranged siblings must fulfill the requests left in her will before they can find closure—or receive their inheritance.

Mattie Benson feels trapped in Grand Oak Acres Nursing Home. Abandoned by her adult children and missing her deceased husband, she takes matters into her own hands and leaves the facility. A Mattie’s Call is issued, and soon, the siblings learn things about their mother they never knew—namely, her ability to bring them together through the conditions of her will.
Gabrielle, the eldest daughter, must stop living life on her looks, get a job, and move out of the family home. This feat proves difficult for a forty-nine-year-old woman accustomed to the generosity of wealthy men.
Joshua, the runaway groom, must reconnect with the son he never knew existed. He isn’t against the idea, but facing the only love of his life proves more difficult than he anticipated.
Alice, Mattie’s baby girl, has been trapped in a loveless marriage for years. The stipulation that she complete her college degree scares her more than climbing a mountain, but an unforgivable moment with her husband proves she must move forward with her life.
Stumbling and ultimately rising to the challenge, the siblings get to know one other as their parents’ legacy mends old wounds and paves the way for new beginnings.

“My grandmother used to say after some families became adults, the only thing they had in common were their last names.”

Mattie’s family was definitely broken and disconnected from one another and this did not please Mattie. All of her children’s personality flaws and weaknesses are on full display when Mattie comes up missing. Each of them must indivually deal with their personal issues, but more importantly, they must learn how to be siblings and truly be there for each other. 

What Mattie’s Call boils down to is LOVE. It is a story about learning to love and respect oneself. It is a story about putting aside jealousy and envy so you can learn to love your siblings. And, lastly, it is a story about a mother’s love for her children. Mattie will do whatever it takes to ensure her children actually function as a family unit. 

This is another winner for Stacy Campbell. She has truly become an author that I’ll read without second thought. All of her books deal with serious topics that are not normally discussed and that is what makes them a breath of fresh air. 

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