REVIEW: Perfect Pleasures by Deborah Fletcher Mello

World famous MMA champion Zachary Barrett has returned to his home in Phuket, Thailand, and his elite training camp, Revolution. Thanks to his twin brother, a renowned pro trainer in Colorado, Zachary is primed and ready for his next title bout—but his toughest match may be with the sports journalist assigned to write an exposé on him. Not only is she gorgeous, she’s after a well-guarded secret that Zach soon realizes makes her off limits in every way…


It’s true that Kenzie Monroe has an ulterior motive for pursuing Zachary. The half-Asian beauty believes he’s connected to her estranged father, a former MMA fighter who disappeared years ago. And the more Zachary avoids her, the more determined she is—and the hotter their game of cat and mouse becomes…until they both surrender. But as lust, love, and friendship combine, Zachary knows he has to answer all of Kenzie’s questions—because outside of the ring, the heart makes the rules… 

“Every woman wants to know that the man she loves will fight for her if it ever came down to it.”

Kenzie is no different than most real-life women which makes her story quite relatable. She is on a journey to find herself and along the way she “finds” Zachary. He too is on a journey and is at a professional crossroads so the last thing he needs is a woman distracting him. Mello delicately weaves a story that keeps the reader interested from the very first page. 

Mello has slowly become one of my favorite romance writers. Her stories always seem to break the mold and have a deeper element to them than the typical insta-love trope so regularly seen. Perfect Pleasures was fun, emotional, and a joy to read!!


  1. Great review. Thanks for introducing me to Ms. Mello. The story sounds amazing. That’s why I just purchased it.

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