REVIEW: The Man Of My Schemes by Leslie J. Sherrod 



It started with her co-workers and then spread to her sister-friends at church: the “must-have-a-man-marriage-baby-family-right-now-because-you’re-not-getting-any-younger” fever. Tired of the merciless prying and invasive questions about her lack of a love life, thirty-four year old Berry Jenkins comes up with an elaborate plan to convince everyone she has finally landed the man of her dreams – she fakes it. However, her fool-proof conspiracy to pretend she’s met the perfect beau turns out to be proof of foolishness as her scheme of a made-up relationship spirals out of control.

 Only a miracle will save Berry from her fairy-tale fantasy gone nightmare reality, which only worsens as her web of lies begins to unravel. Facing exposure, Berry fears that the trap she’s created for herself is too messy, too tangled – and maybe even too dangerous– for her chance at love to survive.


The concept behind The Man Of My Schemes is cute but a little over the top. Berry is aggravated and annoyed by folks questioning her about her personal life and why she isn’t in a relationship so she makes one up. At first, her scheme seems harmless but then it goes too far. Anyone that has folks that feel as if others personal lives is their business can truly understand Berry’s frustration and her desire to silence her co-workers, church members, and even her own family. 

Berry’s web of lies gets deeper and deeper and that’s when the book sort of lost my interest. There was a part of the book when I wanted to physically shake Berry and tell her to stop. It was simply too much. As stated before, the book has a cute concept, it was a quick read, and the lesson that Berry learned was ultimately worth her scheme. 
Rating: 3.5
DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of The Man Of My Schemes in exchange for an honest review.
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