The Trophy Wives by Charmaine Parker

the trophy wives



Three trophy wives explore ways of finding satisfaction beyond their marriages. 

Shayla, Kyle, and Amber have a lot in common: stunning good looks, college educations, rich husbands, and—despite their affluent lifestyles— dissatisfaction with their lives. Each feels there is a void and seeks fulfillment beyond the routine of a trophy wife.

The three often draw support from each other, but despite their close-knit relationship, each has her own secret she’s not willing to share. So when another woman, Terra, befriends the trio, it isn’t certain whether she’s sincere or whether she has her own special agenda…

As the skeletons in their closets start to come out, Shayla, Kyle, and Amber discover that glamorous looks and coveted worlds cannot shield them from the realities of life. Discover what happens when scandal meets suspense among these smart, rich—yet vulnerable—women.


Shayla Benson opened the glass doors and entered the elegant, brand-new building. She slipped off her sunglasses, stopped briefly to wink at the handsome security guard on duty, then sashayed across the granite lobby floor. Her cobalt-blue clingy dress was tasteful enough for office attire but flirty and attention-grabbing as it swayed with each of her steps. She headed toward the bank of elevators with her clicking stilettos and pretended to push the up button. Today she was riding solo. She’d given her private driver, Tony, the day off.

Suddenly, she faked that she had left something outside, reentered the lobby and walked in the opposite direction toward the rear of the building. Hopefully, no one had noticed. Mondays were usually light at New Visions, her public relations firm, where she spent several days each week. After all, she was the head honcho and could freely be off the clock anytime. Her assistant, Camilla, always managed to be on point. Her eight-employee office in Largo, Maryland was in capable hands.

Shayla exited out the building’s rear doors where a black Town Car was waiting. She gazed to observe her surroundings before opening the car’s back door. She gracefully slipped inside where a gentleman dressed in an all-black Armani suit kissed her lips, then offered her a flute of champagne.

She grasped the glass and the two toasted before they smoothly downed the refreshing Giaconda Chardonnay.

The driver pulled from the parking lot and eased toward the main street.

“Where are we headed?” Shayla inquired, snuggling up to Wilson and offering her best seductive smile.

“I’m not telling. I like surprises.” Wilson placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her even closer, caressing her tenderly. “You have to wait and see.”

Wilson loved the shock factor. It was their ritual to meet in this fashion twice a month. Their adventures were unpredictable. He wasn’t the bland type of guy and she couldn’t wait to meet up with him whenever that time of month approached.


The Trophy Wives is full of D-R-A-M-A so if you love that then you will love this book! It follows three married women who each have their own demons but they are hidden because they must keep up appearances. Each woman is married to a successful man and they live the life of the rich & famous. One woman is constantly cheating on her husband with whomever wherever, another has a serious shopping addiction, and the last one is being abused. The Trophy Wives will keep you entertained and it will give you a behind-the-scenes look into the lives we see glamorized on shows such as Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop.

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of The Trophy Wives in exchange for an honest review.




charmaine parker

Charmaine R. Parker is a former journalist who has worked as a reporter, copy editor, and managing editor. The publishing director for Strebor Books, she is the sister of national bestselling author Zane. She received a bachelor’s of fine arts from Howard University and a master’s in print journalism from the University of Southern California. She lives in Maryland with her husband and daughter.


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