Review: Underneath It All by A.D.

Underneath It All



Monica Sutton has spent most of her life detesting her reflection. Her best friends love her no matter what, but she just cannot see the woman they see in her. She finally decides to do something about the way she looks and discovers herself during the process. Her long time crush Keith returns home. They connect, but will a secret from her past hinder her future with him?



“I have no intentions of us ending. I agreed to take things slow with you, but know that I’m all in this. My feelings for you are sincere.”

This was a great romance story, but more importantly, it was an important story about self-love. Monica is the girlfriend (or even you) in your tribe that has no idea how smart, strong, or beautiful she is even though everyone else does. Underneath It All is a very relatable story about sisterhood, overcoming self-esteem issues, and allowing love to find you instead of chasing it. A.D. is a new author to me and I was impressed by the story structure, character development, and the entire flow. I look forward to reading the other books in the series so I can learn more about Monica’s girlfriends!






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  1. Wonderful review. A story about growth and self discovery is a good thing.

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