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Running from Solace by Nakia Laushaul

Book Description

Publication Date: April 14, 2011
2012 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS FINALIST“She passed a hard candy over her shoulder as though whatever was in the tiny wrapper was supposed to make it all better. I clutched the peppermint in my hand and buried my face in the hard leather seat while she explained what was going to happen to me. She promised that I’d be safe from then on.”And so begins the journey of Naomi, whose amazing story picks up where the past and future intersect. As Naomi struggles to hide the ugly physical and emotional reminders of yesterday that insist on haunting her dreams, she crosses paths with a young boy, Xavier and his quick-tempered mother, Mona, who both share an interesting story much like her own.Running from Solace is an emotional tale which will send you catapulting on a breathless journey beyond breaking points and will finally lead you to believe in the power of accepting what is to be.
My Review

Rating: 5

Headline: Heartbreaking but Powerful!

As a young girl, Naomi has a life that none of us would like to experience. Her mother is a drug addict who often “lends” Naomi to her dealers to supply her habit. Even if you are not a child of abuse and/or neglect, the young girl’s pain can be understood as Nakia Laushaul’s writing technique pulls you in and forces you to feel as in your Naomi’s shoes. As an adult, Naomi’s demons still seem to haunt her and she is forced to face them when she meets a young boy by the name of Xavier. Will Naomi continue to run or will she finally find solace?

I kept hearing about this book, Running from Solace and I wanted to see for myself if it would live up to the hype. To say that it lived up to the hype would be a huge understatement because it is very rare that within one book I feel the range of emotions as I did while reading Nakia Laushaul’s words. I was literally drained at various times from being upset, disgusted, sad, gratified, and then feeling joy.  Any book that can make you genuinely feel this wide range of emotions sets itself apart from others that are currently on the market. Running from Solace is Nakia Laushaul’s debut novel but I am confident in saying that she will become a force within the literary world.

Find it on Goodreads here: Running from Solace

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  1. Hi, Tiffany! Thank so much for participating in the ‘Sharing is Caring Sunday’ meme. It looks fab, and your choice of book sounds like a story I would like to read.

    Happy Sunday, and I look forward to more of your posts. 🙂


  2. Hi Sandra! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it! Running from Solace is an emotional yet very excellent book. I hope you will check it out! Tiffany

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