Silent Praise by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Silent Praise by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Silent Praise by Michelle Lindo-Rice

A Banker. A Cop. One Complicated Case.

Nothing just happens.
When Officer Chase Dawson pulls over Melanie Benson, he did not expect to feel an instant connection with this beautiful deaf woman. Chase asks Melanie out on a date but she turns him down flat. Lucky for Chase, their paths cross again when he is assigned the case of a missing deaf child. Chase knows this is God’s doing. But, he wonders is this a fleeting attraction or real love?

Melanie Benson cannot believe how strongly she feels for a man she has just met. Because of past hurt, Melanie is leery to open her heart. For personal reasons, she especially would never date a cop. But when Melanie has to work with Chase on his case, they share a kiss that sets her heart ablaze. Will Melanie overcome her past pain and choose love?

Set in the small town of Port Charlotte, FL, SILENT PRAISE answers the question, Is there such a thing as love at first sight? And, if there is, what happens after that?

Silent Praise took me by surprise and it was a pleasure to read. The main character Melanie has had it pretty rough with a disability that was caused during her childhood, but she has found a way to lead a very productive and independent life. Chase is a police officer that feels an immediate connection to Melanie when he pulls her over. Melanie is hesitant to dating Chase and the friendship and love story that develops is one that we could all learn a lesson or two from.

“A butterfly is so beautiful that you want to catch it, hold onto it tight. But if you do, you’ll crush it and it’ll die. The key is to keep your hand open.” Ted opened his palm. “The butterfly will flitter around here, there, and this way and that. But if you’re patient, eventually the butterfly will land right into your hand.”

I simply adore Michelle’s style of writing and I think that she is one of the top writers in her genre which is christian fiction. She is not overly “preachy” and all of her books make you pause and think about what you would do and examine where you are on your christian walk. I applaud Silent Praise because it showcases the type of relationship we rarely see in literature: an interracial one. And, while this is a breath of fresh air, Silent Praise was an excellent book because it shows what can happen when we let our guards down, grant forgiveness, and allow ourselves to give and receive love.



  1. Lovely review. I like that quote you pulled out, beautiful.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for this Awesome review. I appreciate your reading my work. That quote is my favorite as well!

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