Review: Songbird by Piper Huguley, Deborah Fletcher Mello and Iris Bolling



Sparrow’s Song
Piper Huguley
In the hot summer of ‘68, recent graduate Sparrow Jones takes a job running the summer program at her family’s church hoping to save enough money to attend music school. Despite her mother’s objections, music is Sparrow’s ministry. Yet, as she throws herself into her work, she finds a different calling in little Carole and her stern father. Widower Master Sargent John Charles drops his little girl off at the church everyday, trusting them to take care his daughter while he works and maybe help her to regain her speech. When the feisty program director begins questioning his parenting skills, it takes all of his military disciplines to keep his temper and manners in check. Yet, the thought of her and the care she shows for his child makes the heart he thought he’d buried beat again. With the summer coming to an end, will Sparrow be able to fly away to her dreams of a music career or has her heart become entangled with a helpless little girl and her military father?

Lark St. Clair
Deborah Mello
Devastated by the death of her mother, Lark St. Clair must mend more than a broken heart. At odds with her own child, Lark is determined to honor the matriarch’s memory by repairing the rift between herself and her daughter, Dove. Revisiting history, the two embark on an emotional journey as Lark shares the story of finding herself through her music and discovering the love of her life with choir director, Martin Warren when love seemed elusive to her.

Dove’ Dream
Iris Bolling
Life should be a song worth singing. That’s what Dove Warren’s grandmother always instilled in her. With a voice to make grown men fall to their knees and the beauty to match, Dove has had her fill with singing. Until her grandmother shares a dream giving Dove the motivation to used her gift of music to spread the love.
Anthony Perry, a strong, caring man who lost his brothers to violence, vowed to give his mother at least one child who turned his back on the street life. As District Attorney of the City of Richmond, it never occurred to him that an angel falling into his arms could fill the empty recesses of his life.
Will Dove lose the man whose very presence fills her heart with song or will she have the chance to bring a dream of three generations to fruition?


Anthologies are sometimes tricky to read because there are instances when the stories don’t connect with another and there is not a consistent theme. Another potential issue with anthologies is that the authors have such different writing styles that it is distracting. And, one last potential issue with reading an anthology is that one of the authors just isn’t as talented as the other contributors. Luckily, with Songbird none of the issues stated above were present!

Songbird is an excellent generational anthology told from three women’s point of view in hopes of understanding each other just a little bit better. I could take the time to break down each story, but just know they all are excellent. Over the course of the books, there is great advice on how to mend broken family bonds, on the importance of passing down stories from one generation to the next, and how love with the right person can turn deter your plans but enhance your life in unimaginable ways.

Piper, Deborah, and Iris are excellent storytellers on their own, and this collaboration is a perfect blend of their talents. Songbird is definitely worth a few hours of your time!

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