REVIEW: Suicide Watch by Janell

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A wave of suicidal behavior has gripped the nation with no concern for race, gender, or age. Many think it’s just a trend, but inspirational singer Candace Tremont knows better. Since witnessing the suicide of her husband five years prior, she’s committed her life to fighting the spirit of depression. Unfortunately, suicidal thoughts and dreams also plague her mind, making the war more personal than anyone around her realizes.

Unfulfilled with periodic and low-paying gigs, Candace yearns for an opportunity to touch more lives. Her prayers are answered—or so it seems—when she is offered a temporary job at Ontario Correctional Facility, performing for suicidal female inmates. A surge of self-harming behaviors has put the facility at risk for shut down, and Candace’s music might be the staff’s final hope of keeping their jobs. In addition to a substantial fee, Candace is given the assistance of the handsome Julius Barnes, one of the prison’s psychologists who believes her music can help reduce the lethal behaviors of the incarcerated population. However, Apollius, a fallen angel committed to destruction, has other ideas for the inmates, and won’t give up his control over these women so easily. A supernatural battle of epic proportions has ignited in Upstate New York, and the consequences could be fatal. Are Candace’s songs of faith powerful enough to save the lives of the inmates and keep the facility from closing down indefinitely? Or will her interference with Apollius’ plan make her the next target?


I don’t think I’ve ever read a (fictional or non-fictional) book that was based on suicide, depression, and spiritual warfare. Suicide Watch is a fictional tale that focuses on the message of how important it is to follow your gift no matter the obstacle. This book is full of so many gems that you don’t realize how much it has truly touched you until it is over. Suicide Watch is realistic and definitely one that readers should pick up!




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Review & Interview: Reckoning by Shakir Rashaan

Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins series meets Law & Order: SVU in the third installment in the Kink, P.I. series featuring modern-day renaissance man, Dominic Law, whose ability to seamlessly navigate the dark streets and the complexities of the fetish world allow him to solve crimes that no one else can, even at the risk of his own life.

“No one can escape their day of reckoning…not even me.”

After solving two of the more difficult cases of his short P.I. career, Dominic Law feels like the worst might be over. But before he can settle in to take on more routine cases and take a well-deserved rest, a series of intensely brutal homicides occur, making him wonder if someone is truly out to get him.
A series of copycat murders from the previous Roman Numeral case begin to show up in different parts of the city, while another crime scene close to home brings the specter of an old nemesis, hell-bent on revenge. Dominic finds himself in the crosshairs in a race against time to solve the cases before the grim reaper can fulfill a promise in the most explosive installment of the Kink, P.I. series yet.
Can Dominic postpone his reckoning, or will it be too late? 

“The last thing he suspected was the scene of his dreams turning into a nightmare of epic proportions.”

I don’t know how to start this review except by saying, the first chapter had me completely sold on this book. “Why was it about to be a nightmare for him? Who is doing this to him?” I love when a book hooks me in and has me asking questions. 

Someone has it out for Dom and they have weaved an intricate plan to bring him down. Rashaan gives us a glimpse into the BDSM world as the reader knows the relationship between the colorful cast of characters based on the use of lower and upper case letters. This particular book doesn’t go knee deep into the sexual aspect of the BDSM world so don’t allow that to deter you from picking this one up.

“We were so focused on one person that the others quietly worked behind the scenes in other capacities, trying their best to put an innocent man behind bars.”

The Reckoning is a clever, fast-paced read. It is like a puzzle that makes you think one piece fits here and then you’re like, “Crap, I was wrong,” and then you have to try something else. If you enjoy a good mystery that has a sexual element to it, then I recommend a visit to your favorite retailer or online site and buy a copy of The Reckoning. 

Side note, this is the third book in a series but you do not need to read the previous books to understand this one!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of The Reckoning in exchange for an honest review. 

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Welcome to ShakirTV, this is Shakir Rashaan, thank you for joining me on location inside of the Reading in Black & White blog channel today. We’re anxiously anticipating the release of the third book in the Kink, P.I. Series, RECKONING, due out in stores June 14th. Rather than give you all some boring op-ed, I thought it would be fun to sit down with the main man in this series, Dominic Law. Of course, he decided to bring his business partner along for the conversation, Mr. Alexander (although a lot of you know him by his other moniker—Ramesses), so there’s no telling where this conversation may flow.

So, without further delay, let’s get into it!

Shakir: Welcome to ShakirTV, gentlemen. I appreciate you coming through to sit down with me to discuss the Kink, P.I. Series, I know things are really heating up right now. I’m sure the reading audience will definitely enjoy what you two have to say during this conversation.

Dominic: Thanks for having us, Shakir. It’s always fun sitting down with you to chop it up. Oh, Natasha and Niki wanted me to tell you hello, and they were sorry they couldn’t make it. You know how much of a crush they have on you.

Ramesses: (clears throat) That goes double for the women in my life. Neferterri has been meaning to speak with you about a certain matter. She says you’ve been keeping her waiting, and you know how she doesn’t like to wait.

Shakir: Sir, please tell that delectable wife of yours that I have not forgotten about her, but other deadlines have needed to be met, and that she and I will have a lengthy talk about that matter as soon as humanly possible. I’m only one man, and I know she’d hate for me to give a half-assed effort. In fact, she’d be damn near ticked off.

Ramesses: Yeah, you got that right, Sir.

Shakir: Cool, so let’s get this thing in gear. Okay, Dom, I have questions that I know the readers want to know with regard to the series, but I also have some questions I pulled from the readers themselves, too! I’ll mix them in as we go, and I promise they weren’t too explicit (well, that’s not entirely accurate LOL).

Dominic: Hey, I know how it goes around here. Ramesses told me that you are the man in your own right, Pharaoh, so, I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride. I’m in the presence of legends.

Shakir: (looks at Ramesses) Yeah, you just had to say something. Okay, first question: In Obsession, how did you keep your emotions in check when you found out your ex-wife was murdered? I know how I would be, and the Great One over there would have rained hell on the whole city, so, how did you do it?

Dominic: (exhales) Shakir, I’ll be honest with you, I’m still not entirely over it. She was my college sweetheart, and at that time in my life, I thought she would be the last I’d ever have. So, seeing her on the concrete like that, I was ready to wreck the entire city. But I had a job to do, even though I wasn’t a part of the force anymore. Despite the fact that I have Natasha and Niki, she was the “one.” I’m just glad I was able to find the person who killed her.

Shakir: Yeah, that was a bit emotional for me, too, trust me. Now, on to that other case in Obsession. That one still has people a little salty that you weren’t able to resolve things. Veronica Emerson managed to slip through your fingers in ways that left a bad taste in readers’ mouths, but she didn’t get away completely scot-free, right?

Dominic: Yeah, you know how that goes, there’s always a measure of justice that happens, even if it isn’t legal justice. She got away with murder, for God’s sake! But, thanks to my partner over there, I’m good with what happened to her.

Ramesses: Well, that was a matter of luck and opportunity, but we’ll just leave it at that. I remembered the last interview we did; we can’t give away a lot of details, there are some readers who are just finding out about you, young’un.

Shakir: LOL! Yeah, we have to keep the details sketchy, we have people who might want to find out for themselves. Let’s fast forward to the current set of cases, since we don’t have a lot of time, you still have some new cases popping up as we speak. In Reckoning, you both had to deal with a well-connected and high-profile Dominant who turned into a person of interest in a missing person’s case involving a Civil Rights icon’s daughter. How in the world did you get through that one without the news crews swarming around?

Dominic: Well, since Obsession, my partner has developed some really good connections within the business and entertainment communities. Money brings influence, you know? It almost got a little too crazy for a minute there, though; there were so many more moving parts than what I’d dealt with before, and having the other case hitting so close to home, too, it was amazing we got through it in one piece.

Shakir: Do you mean the murder of Niki’s coworker in the DA’s office?

Dominic: Yeah, that one almost derailed a few trains, that’s for sure. I thought the murder case involving my ex-wife was bloody, but that one almost took the cake! I hadn’t taken a beating like that since the Academy, and I’m still healing from it as we speak.

Shakir: Trust me, I got emails from fans of the series that are a little upset with me about some of the deaths, and what happened to you, too, that’s for sure, so I know what you mean. I know when RECKONING drops, there will be more emails where that came from.

Ramesses: Well, there will be more where that came from. We still have to get things back on track within the compounds anyway, Shakir. I’ve been getting calls about some things that we did in Tempest that we need to discuss.

Shakir: Yeah, we need to set up a time later this summer to get that out of the way. I think I know why you got those calls; it might take the series in a direction I hadn’t altogether planned to go.

Okay, we only have time for a few questions from the readers, so I’ll pick a couple and we’ll wrap this thing up. Sounds fair?

Dominic: I’m good with it. Shoot.

Shakir: Okay, here’s the first reader question: What events brought you into the world of BDSM? I know your friends, Ramesses and Neferterri, brought you in, but what were your first thoughts of that lifestyle?

Dominic: (laughing) my first introduction was having to deal with that rape and kidnapping case involving Master Amenhotep in The Awakening. That was a lesson in shock value to say the least. I mean, I kinda knew what was going on—there are a lot of conventions that go on in Atlanta—and I knew Ramesses got down like that, but until that investigation, when I was still on the force, it was more fantastic stories than real life for me.

My mind got opened even wider once my ex-wife mentioned she was interested, but I wasn’t receptive to it, which led to our divorce in the first place. If I knew then what I know now, who knows? Maybe I’d still be married, but on the flip side, I wouldn’t have the women I have in my life now. Bittersweet trade-off, I suppose.

Shakir: This question plays to your musical tastes, Sir: What type of music do you like, and what would be in your soundtrack?

Dominic: Man! I’m a DSGB (for those that don’t know, that’s a Durty South, Georgia Boy), so you know that means OutKast, T.I., Killer Mike, Ludacris, and I’ll rock a bit of Pac and Biggie (RIP to them both, gone too soon), maybe some Kendrick Lamar for that West Coast flavor, and of course some of the old-school HipHop, too. Which reminds me, did you hear that new one TIP did with Marsha Ambrosius? YO!!!!

Shakir: Man, I’m still rocking that as we speak! And I think the music is what defines you both, too: Ramesses has more Jay-Z in him, while you’re more DMX (before he lost his mind, that is).

Ramesses: I feel that, but I thought the ladies compared you to Jigga, though, Shakir?

Dominic: Look, I ain’t got no problems with X, I just hope he gets back to the music he was doing that put him on top. This trap music…man, what in the hell is that noise?

Shakir: Hey, we’ll have to leave that alone, you know the kids are rocking that these days LOL!

Okay, this last question has gotten a lot of debate when it comes to you, Sir, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask it: Who would you want to play you in a movie based on your life?

Ramesses: Oh, this should be fun! I’m good with what the readers chose for my character. Idris Elba is that dude!

Dominic: (short pause) actually, I like either Omari Hardwick or Morris Chestnut. I think Morris could pull off a lot of the comedic moments within a movie, but Omari has the harder edge to him when it comes to the action and fight sequences, so that would be a rough call. They’re both shorter than me, though, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Oh, and I took a peek at who might be good for Niki and Natasha, too…good lawd, Taraji P. Henson can get it, and so can Roselyn Sanchez!

Shakir: (laughter) All right, that’s all the time we have, gentlemen it was a pleasure, as always, and I’m hopeful we will get the chance to talk again very soon.

Dominic: Man, this was fun, we have got to do this again!

Ramesses: Yeah, and you need to drop by NEBU with Empress, too. And soon. The girls would love to scene with you.

Shakir: Consider that a date, soon, Sir. And now, I’d like to say to those reading this interview, thank you for stopping by. RECKONING releases June 14th, and if you place your thoughts in the comment section, I will select a couple of people to receive an autographed copy of OBSESSION to get you started on the Kink, P.I. Series! How cool is that?

Thank you again for checking out ShakirTV, I hope you’ll come back for more!

“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it.” 

~ Pope John Paul II

Known for his mind-twisting plots and unique prose, Shakir Rashaan rolled onto the literary scene as a contributing writer to Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 in 2012. His raw, vivid, and uncut writing style captured the attention of the Queen of Erotica herself, Zane. A year later, Rashaan made his debut with The Awakening, opening to rave reviews and a “recommended read” accolade in USA Today’s “Happy Ever After” literary blog. The follow-up in the Nubian Underworld series, Legacy, has garnered even more success, and its third installment, Tempest, picked up yet another “recommended read” from USA Today’s “HEA” blog, making the series one of the most unique in the erotica genre. 
Obsession is the first of the Kink, P.I. series, with the next installments, Deception and Reckoning, poised to add another exciting series to the mystery genre. A few new projects are also being developed under the pen name, P.K. Rashaan. With his prolific writing prowess and openness on his social media platforms, Rashaan has plans to be a mainstay within the erotica genre and beyond. 
Shakir is part of USA Today’s Happy Ever After literary blog as a regular contributor. You can find him on Fridays for his “Manly Musings” blog, where he dishes on the latest movies, television shows and books, all from a man’s perspective.
Shakir is a Phoenix, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice/Communications from the University of Phoenix. He currently resides in suburban Atlanta with his wife and two children. You can see more of Rashaan at




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RECKONING’s release date: June 14, 2016

Quiet Lies by R.L. Griffin



QL-Cover-GoodreadsI was broken before I met Sebastian Pryor, but he decimated me. I swept the ashes of myself into a pile that I kept safe for thirteen years. Believe me it wasn’t pretty, oh but people thought we were perfect. I hate myself most days. I hate that I feel for him as much as I loathe who I’ve become with him. This story is hard to hear. You know what the worst part is? You’ll see part of you in me. You’ll hate that. You won’t tell anyone.

My story is about cracks. A description or telling of how cracks in a marriage, a life, a personality, a heart and a mind begin and continue for years without anyone knowing. You don’t always see what causes the fissure, but you feel it. Can you remember who you were before all of this started, before your life became a jumble of deceit, longing and regret?

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a happily ever after.

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a fun time out from their life.

This book isn’t for anyone, but me.

This is my story. I won’t apologize for it.


“You ruined my fucking life. I hope you burn in the hell that you created for yourself,” I whisper. Then I lick the shell of his ear and he looks at me like he doesn’t know me. He doesn’t. He created me, but doesn’t know what he created at all.

This does not happen often, but I really can’t put into words the feelings and emotions that I had during and after I read Quiet Lies. It truly rendered me speechless because while we may not have Rebecca’s life there are quite a few of us that have been in relationships with someone that is like a chameleon. Parts of this book was like looking in a rearview mirror and I couldn’t stop staring.

I fell in love with R.L.’s writing during the By a Thread series, but Quiet Lies moved her into the “I will read whatever she writes simply because it’s by her” category!!! Quiet Lies is an amazing, twisted, realistic piece of brilliance!!!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Quiet Lies in exchange for an honest review.


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Author PhotoR.L. Griffin published her first book in 2004. After that she focused on practicing law. A few years ago she began writing the By A Thread series, which is out now. Her goal is to keep readers on their toes, whether it’s the plot twist or the book itself, her books are outside any box. There is a little bit of grit in most of her books and a ton of cussing. Most books are enjoyed better with a glass of wine, or whiskey, whatever your poison may be.
She lives in Atlanta with her husband, kid and dogs. She loves to travel and meet readers.


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