The Playmaker Series by K.L. Brady

Playmakers seriesIt’s almost fall which means football and I couldn’t think of a better want to prepare than with The Playmaker Series by K.L. Brady. Read below to learn more about the three books in this very fun series!

Her Perfect Catch

img_3371.jpgMelanie is a struggling, nerdy sports writer with the power to change Jet’s image.

Jet is a bad-boy NFL star receiver with the power to change Melanie’s career.

Dylan, Melanie’s sexy best friend, has the power to throw a monkey wrench in everybody’s plans.

When the three connect in a chance meeting at the Super Bowl, none of their lives will ever be the same.

img_3372.jpgHow could I not adore a book centered around a woman who loves football??? In typical Brady fashion, there were plenty of chuckles along the way. This is a novella so there is no need for a long drawn own review because it will tell all of the details. So, I will simply say that “Her Perfect Catch” is a quick and entertaining read that left me looking forward to the forthcoming books in the series.


The Player's Option


C.J. is a sports agent on the rise on the heels of saving his brother’s football career, but to stay business, he needs more star clients—and he’s got his eye on the perfect pick. With his love life in a major slump, he’s got all the time in the world to entice the candidate to his side.

That is until he meets Ty Baker.

Also a sports agent, Ty reluctantly assumed leadership of her father’s sports management agency, taking over the reigns after he died to run it. But little did she know, she’d have to save it. Her father’s secret financial struggles landed her in a losing game and in desperate need of signing a superstar football player to help turn it all around.

When Ty and C.J. meet at a pro-football conference, sparks fly, and they can both see love in the end zone…until disaster strikes.

When each learns the other is trying to steal their biggest client, chaos ensues, and cut-throat competition threatens to tear them apart.

In the game of professional football, only one side can win.

Will love survive?

img_3372.jpgK.L. has done it again. I don’t know if there’s another author out there that writes as realistic dialogue as her and that’s why she is one of my favorites. I wanted so much more, but then I remembered this was a novella and promptly moved on to the last book in the series!



The Eligible Receiver


Now that star wide receiver Jet Jamison has overcome his personal and professional struggles, he’s ready for love—but he can’t find it.


Although he’s hot, successful, wealthy, and can have any woman he wants, the one he truly needs still eludes him, that is, until Veda enters his life.

She’s a school teacher, leading a small, safe life, wishing for a love that does not come with the kind of heartbreak her son’s father delivered—and yet scared to death she’s going to find it.

A chance meeting with Jet begins with a sparring match and ends with love at second sight. Jet changes her perspective and her world. But she’s got a secret that threatens to tear them apart, one that will force Jet to choose between his honor and his heart.
Which will it be? And can they live with his choice?

In the game of love, sometimes giving in is better than giving up…

img_3372.jpg“I know the feeling. At the end of the day, we all crave to be understood, right? We want someone to think enough of us to learn every mundane detail, yet still love us as we are. I’ve never had that.”

OMG, isn’t this what we all want? Someone who desires to see what lies beneath the surface and know the “real” us. I absolutely adored Jet and Veda’s story. I read two books by K.L. this weekend and I want more. I love, love, love her writing style. Romance is K.L.’s bread and butter and she is definitely better than most that write in this genre. If you’re looking for realistic situations and dialogue, then check out any of K.L.’s books. You won’t be disappointed!






  1. All of these authors are new to me and I will be checking them out!

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