The Reunion – an Anthology by Pat Tucker, Brian W. Smith, Electa Rome Parks, Sheila Goss, and Rickey Teems II

The Reunion - an Anthology

The Reunion – an Anthology

Five bestselling authors, tackle one theme – a reunion. Pat Tucker gets it started with her tale of a disgruntled wife’s trip to her college reunion – without her husband. Brian W. Smith spins a fascinating tale of four former Army buddies who get together for a weekend “guys trip” in New Orleans. They quickly learn that they’ve all changed – and not necessarily for the better. Electa Rome Parks gives fans of the The Stalker series the reunion they’ve been craving – Xavier and Pilar. Shelia Goss taps in to America’s love of Reality Show reunions with her tale about a former R&B groups money grabbing reunion in – M.I.S.S. Rickey Teems closes the show when he tells us about a famous televangelist playing out a reunion on a popular daytime gossip show. Five authors. One theme. Five mind blowing stories.

Sometimes I really dislike anthologies because there are some stories I really like better than others, but here goes.

Reunion on the Yard by Pat Tucker

In Reunion on the Yard, a husband cheats and the wife seeks revenge during her college’s homecoming weekend. Thanks to good ol Facebook, she has reconnected and set up “dates” for the weekend. What ensues are a few laughs, some disappointments, and what is meant to be a shocking reveal at the end. I’m sure there were bigger “messages” that could be taken away from this story, but what I got is that I will need verification that people’s Facebook pictures are them now and not them from years ago. Overall, like most of Pat Tucker’s books, it was an entertaining read.

Rating: 3.5

Lagniappe by Brian W. Smith

Lagniappe is about a set of old Army buddies who haven’t seen each other in ten years and they reconnect for a guys weekend in New Orleans and the fun begins! Each man has their own set of issues that they are attempting to keep from one another. Smith does an excellent job of giving us the backstory of each one within this short story. And, the ending…WOW!! True to Brian W. Smith fashion, it had me shaking my head!!!

Rating: 4

Until Death Do Us Part: The Xavier and Pilar Reunion by Electa Rome Parks

YES!!! Finally, the reunion I have been patiently waiting for and it did NOT disappoint!!! This short story blew my mind. The back and forth between Pilar and Xavier is what I have grown to love from their previous books (Diary of a Stalker and The Stalker Chronicles) and neither of them hold anything back. And, with that ending (what a SHOCKER!!!!), I know Ms. Parks is writing the next book in this dysfunctional relationship otherwise I might have to start stalking her.

Rating: 5

M.I.S.S. – The Reunion by Sheila Goss

I really am not sure about how I feel about this short story. We have a member of a female singing group who is down and out, so she sells the idea of a reality show to a network. The only catch is that she will have to reunite with the other members of the group even though their break up was MESSY! There was a ton of DRAMA packed into this short story and if a person is into certain reality tv shows, then they will enjoy this one.

Rating: 3

The Father, Son, and Holy Folks by Rickey Teems II

When a book is set on the Wendy Williams talk show, then you already know it will probably be entertaining and that there will be some drama. Miriam (who is a Pastor) and Trent are sharing their love story and then Wendy brings up The Preachers Reunion and Trent walks off the stage. Initially, I thought oh this must be one of the “mega church” scams where they say there is a conference but they are actually taking lavish vacations and stealing money, but I was wrong. The truth and the reasoning behind why Trent walked off the stage left me shaking my head and wondering is there really a limit to how far people will go in the name of The Father?

Rating: 4

Overall, I enjoyed these stories. There were a few spelling errors within each book. They were noticeable, but they weren’t overwhelming and didn’t distract from any of the stories. My only issue is that I wanted a few of the stories to be longer because I was left with some lingering questions.


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