The White House by JaQuavis Coleman

The White House by JaQuavis Coleman

The White House by JaQuavis Coleman

“The White House is one of my most personal books ever. I took from a real-life situation and told a story that has been Detroit’s secret for years. I’m bringing that to the forefront with my own twist. This venture with Infamous and Akashic feels right…It feels good. They are very in tune with my culture and style of writing which makes this a perfect situation for me.”
–JaQuavis Coleman on The White House

The White House is based on true events, reimagining the dark chronicles of a notorious drug kingpin’s death, and the unfortunate events that followed.

The young heroine Draya lives paycheck to paycheck, laboring as a maid in a luxurious white house. One day, in the course of performing her duties, she is presented with an irresistible opportunity for a quick–and risky–payday. What unfolds in the white house changes the course of her life. Kidnapping, murder, and mayhem lead her–and the reader–through a harrowing and twisting plot to an explosive ending that no one sees coming. Look through the eyes of this young woman and glimpse how a life can forever be altered due to an unfortunate series of events–all touched off in a legendary white house.

Infamous Books, curated by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson of the legendary hip-hop group Mobb Deep, is a revolutionary partnership that pairs the Infamous Records brand with Brooklyn-based independent publisher Akashic Books. Infamous Books’ mission is to connect readers worldwide to crime fiction and street lit authors both familiar and new.

Every so often I like to read a “street-lit” book and so recently I read The White House by JaQuavis Coleman. It is the story of Draya and basically what she will do so her brother can go to college. I was ok with that premise, but how she went about it was so very predictable.

While the book was a very quick read since it is only a novella, the predictability of it all made me overjoyed it was so short. I mean two kids from the hood, with no parents, they are good people but get themselves into bad situations. Haven’t we heard this all before??? Plus, the brother (June) gets into the University of Michigan with a 2.8 GPA but there is no mention of him doing extracurricular activities or being an exceptional athlete, so I highly doubt this is possible. The writing was elementary at best and and the characters were one-dimensional. The one positive is that there was one part that I definitely did not see coming.

If you are looking for an introduction to the street-lit genre with a book that is quick to read then I would recommend The White House.

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of The White House in exchange for an honest review.


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