Twisted Entrapment by N’Tyse

Twisted Entrapment by N'Tyse

Twisted Entrapment by N’Tyse

Blazing with scandal, deception, temptation, and revenge, this third installment in the Twisted series blurs the lines of infidelity and tests the true meaning of love.

Sabrina and Luke’s marriage was shattered years ago after the devastating loss of their son. Now homeless and bankrupt, the couple develops a twisted obsession that will either repair their broken vows—or wreck their lives forever.

Juggling different women is no simple feat for a bachelor like Jeff Jackson. Yet there’s something extraordinary about Sabrina Montgomery that has him breaking his own cardinal rule. Is he truly over Nadine, or has he walked right into another carefully laid trap?

Nadine Collins finds herself torn between her child’s father and a new man in her life. After losing everything in an apartment fire, she moves in with Leonard Dupree, who unexpectedly proposes. It isn’t until their honeymoon night that Nadine and Leonard learn that not all secrets are meant to be kept…

Denise Adams, formerly known as Naomi Brooks, has a new lease on life. But before she can get too comfortable, she takes a trip back to Texas to see her terminally ill mother. The scandalous past she left behind greets her with open arms, and some unfinished business turns into an almost fatal reunion with her old flame, Greg Adams.

A racy, emotionally charged soap-drama that brings back the characters you both love and hate, Twisted Entrapment will captivate you through the very last page.

Oh my! Whoa! What the heck just happened? Those were three statements I kept saying while reading Twisted Entrapment. The lies and deception by just about every single character in this book perfectly explain why N’Tyse chose the title. It is so well-written it felt as if I was watching a soap opera and/or reality show without having to turn on the television.

There was so much going on in this book that I didn’t know if I was cheering for the good or bad guy. And, then it got to the point when I didn’t even care because I was so caught up in the storyline. It is dramatic, captivating, and just draws you in until the very last page. The entire series is excellent and I highly recommend picking up all three books (Twisted Seduction, Twisted Vows of Seduction and Twisted Entrapment) and spend a weekend getting to know N’Tyse and her amazing talent!

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