Unconventional Love by Thomas Long

Unconventional Love by Thomas Long

Unconventional Love by Thomas Long

Derrick Prius is a popular fitness trainer at a local gym in York, Pennsylvania. Armed with a charming personality and an overactive libido, he indulges in uninhibited, sexual encounters with many of his female clients. His girlfriend, Michelle, is just as freaky and down to explore her sexual fantasies as well. The boundaries of their open relationship are tested when they invite, Bianca, a sexy new gym member, into their world. Unconventional Love is erotica at its finest and a guaranteed delight for the reader. The sex scenes are tastefully explicit and wove around a suspense filled story line. Follow Derrick Prius as he attempts to juggle several women at the same time while maintaining his sanity. He will do whatever is necessary to keep up his adventurous, high octane lifestyle. This entertaining tale will keep the reader guessing until the very last page how it all will turn out for him.

“I think we need some time to think about this. It’s just too much to take in at one time.,” Michelle stated honestly. Being pregnant and in love with a woman and a male gigolo at the same da*n time was a lot to digest for any woman.

Yes, this book went there! Unconventional Love definitely stepped out of the norm of society’s definition of a relationship. Derrick behaves as most men would if given an opportunity so the storyline is not far-fetched.

Unconventional Love grabs your attention at the very beginning and never lets go. Sex, lies, and drama dominate the pages and are evenly distributed so none are over the top. The suspense increases dramatically when a woman named Selena enters the picture and Derrick’s life takes on a new set of twists and turns. Thomas Long has written a very intriguing story that left me excited to read its sequel.


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