Wife 101 by A’ndrea Wilson

In Wife 101, A’ndrea Wilson introduces us to Amber Ross, a young lady that has excelled in her professional life but has bad luck when it comes to love and relationships. After a painful breakup she decides to take the Wife 101 class at her church which is a Bible study through Proverbs 31. As the weeks progress, Amber begins to juggle two relationships and she becomes confused on if she should continue with the class or try to lean on her own understanding.

A’ndrea Wilson has accomplished what many Christian authors fail at – she writes a Christian fiction story which is completely realistic and relatable. Wilson keeps an equal mix of fiction and Biblical references without one overshadowing the other. As a Christian wife, I found myself taking notes and taking an assessment on my own journey to be a virtuous women and what I need to work on. I highly recommend Wife 101 by A’ndrea Wilson to all women, married and/or single, that are striving to be the type of women God intended us to be.


  1. I loved your review of this book. I just went and purchased it on my Kindle! I have been reading proverbs every day and this book sounds exactly like what I need to read. I am going through a divorce.

  2. Sounds like a good read. I have gotten a lot out of reading the book of Proverbs. Glad this book stays realistic. It seems like most inspirational/Christian fiction comes off as goodie-goodie (totally unrealistic). I want to be encouraged without being preached at or feeling there is no way this could happen to me. I will put this on my list. Thanks for the review.


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