Wounded by Ben Burgess, Jr.

Wounded by Ben Burgess, Jr.

Wounded by Ben Burgess, Jr.

Samantha Miller didn’t have an easy start. Molested as a child and subsequently forced into prostitution by her drug-addicted mother, Samantha learned at an early age that men were not to be trusted. Being constantly preyed upon taught her to be a predator. Her target was women-specifically, straight or married women. As the headliner at a local strip club, Samantha capitalized on the gifts she was cursed with. In turn, her life quickly spiraled down a dangerous path of violence, seduction, and exploitation. When Sasha is brought on as the new bartender, she becomes Samantha’s newest target. The last thing Samantha anticipated was falling in love. When tragedy strikes, what was once a challenge may prove to be her downfall. Can Samantha heal from her abusive past, or will she always be Wounded?

I will start this by saying I can’t believe that Wounded was written by a man! It is a powerful tale of someone who hasn’t been able to resolve issues of the past so they grew from a broken girl into a broken woman. The story of Samantha is quite heartbreaking to read, but it is a story that needed to be told because I am sure that there are people fighting her same battle.

“If you take someone by force, it can be enjoyable because you have that sense of power over them. If you can get someone to do what you want willingly, that’s real power.”

Samantha is one of those people that seem so rough or tough on the outside, but they are truly a sensitive soul. She uses and dismisses other females just as one chews gum. She doesn’t get her feelings involved until Sasha enters the picture.

Sasha’s story is one that is also painful to read. She is struggling with her sexuality and to see her come to terms with her truth is quite overwhelming. Wounded is a story of being a victim, to being the one causing others pain, and eventually one of redemption.


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