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Games of the Strong, by Glenda Adams

Synopsis"I am always interested in versions of the truth," notes Neila, the principal character of Games of the Strong, with characteristic understatement. Neila's world, the Complex, is a place where nothing can be accepted at face value; where no one is what he or...

Ask Hercules Quick, by Ursula Dubosarsky

Synopsis"Hercules Quick longs to buy a box of magic tricks he has seen in a toy shop window. The box costs a lot of money. 'How much money do I have in my piggy bank?' he asks. 'Actually,' says Aunt Alligator, 'you don't have money or a piggy bank, Hercules.' Hercules...

Country Girl Again, by Jean Bedford

Synopsis"Her stories tell of women living in a small country town, court in situations they are powerless to change. She writes of women trapped, women ostracised, women on the edge of madness, women alone with their guild and pain and desperation, women simply caught...

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