Award-winning author ReShonda Tate Billingsley, whose bestselling fiction “tackles some of life’s toughest situations” (The Florida Times-Union), unravels the secrets in a mother’s past that turn her daughter’s life upside down—by revealing the family she never knew existed.

Her dream of studying dance at Juilliard is within reach, but Olivia Dawson turns down the opportunity, choosing instead to stay with her ailing mother in the Houston projects where they barely make ends meet. Lorraine Dawson is Olivia’s whole world, and now Olivia insists on being there for her. But when Lorraine learns Olivia is sacrificing college for her sake, her heartache triggers a series of shattering events that results in Olivia discovering her father, a man she was told had died years ago. But he is alive and well—and he’s the powerful CEO of one of the country’s richest corporations.

With her best friend urging her to claim a much-deserved chunk of Bernard Wells’s fortune, Olivia seeks out his Los Angeles mansion. But it’s not money she wants—it’s answers: Why did he abandon Lorraine when Olivia was three years old? Why did they suffer in poverty while he gave his “real” wife and son a life of luxury? Opening up the past, however, is more complicated than Olivia—or Bernard—expected, and the pain of yesterday’s sins must be confronted before true healing and a bright tomorrow can begin.

The Review

“If you’re woman enough to sleep with my husband, you should be woman enough to look me in the eye.”

Well, hot d*mn!!! BOOM!!! Now, that’s how a wife is supposed to confront a mistress. And, boy Adele has no issue sticking up for herself at this point. A Family Affair is an adventure into what happens when a mother’s past collides with a daughter’s present.

“I want to say one more thing,” Olivia went on. “Regardless of what happened, that’s not me. I can’t carry my mother’s sin. I’m not saying forgive my mother, but don’t hold me responsible.”

I honestly don’t know if a book could be more perfectly written than A Family Affair. I could go and on about how each sentence is perfectly constructed, about how paragraph builds upon the last, or about how each page stirs emotions from deep within but you should really experience this book for yourself instead of allowing me to spoil it for you. ReShonda Tate Billingsley is one of most favorite authors, and A Family Affair proved that she will continue to stay at the top of my list!!!

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