They’re cut from different cloths…but their hearts are a perfect fit.

Asa Caldwell returned from the Great War with nothing to show for it—as in nothing below his left knee. Forget about the journalism career he loved. His story is over. Done.

Yet he finds the strength to journey to Winslow, Georgia, to get Ruby Bledsoe Morson’s sister out of trouble. Before he can bring Mags Bledsoe home, though, a spate of mysterious attacks reawakens his investigative instincts.

During the war, Mags did her duty to God and country by stepping into a management role at the textile mill. Now she’s been shuffled back to the rank and file—and Asa has her hard-earned job. Not only is the infernal man doing everything wrong, her plan for revenge against the mill owner who lynched her childhood sweetheart is farther out of reach than ever.

As they clash over almost everything, Mags begins to set fire to Asa’s soul, bright enough to dim the memory of the killing fields of France. Enough to give him a new mission in life—to make her feel the same way.

The Review

I first became acquainted with Piper through her book, A Virtuous Ruby which was released earlier this year. After reading it I knew I would read the next book in the series, A Most Precious Pearl. This book is about Ruby’s sister Mags. She isn’t quite the “troublemaker” that Ruby is in the fight for equal rights, but she does have a plan for change. A kink develops in her plan when disabled veteran Asa comes to town at the request of Ruby.

Who was this man coming along and changing the world she knew, shaking things up?

Asa makes Mags question her approach to revenge and he makes her question how she feels about the concept of love. A Most Precious Pearl just like A Virtuous Ruby gives us insight into the plight of black people living in the south from an earlier time. Of course, these are works of fiction but somehow they give a face and emotion to things we have may have learned about in history books and/or documentaries.

When it comes down to it A Most Precious Pearl is a love story. It is one that is complex and full of many layers. It is a love story between a man and a woman. It is a love story between a woman and her community. Most importantly, it is a love story about a woman who becomes comfortable in her own skin. And, I believe the dedication summarizes this best:

To all young women who believe themselves to be ugly ducklings. Know that you are a swan in one way or another. Believe in yourself and you will fly.

I was late to the Piper Huguley party, but I promise I will not miss another one. Her writing style definitely takes me to another place and time as if I am on the journey myself. She is very descriptive, talented, and an author that everyone should know!

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