“A Whisper of Wings” chronicles a time of spiritual crisis in the lives of a non-human race of hunter/gatherers known as the Kashra. As disaster looms over their stagnant and calcified culture, two Messiahs arise — each one pure in their vision, yet tragically opposed. War and terror, hope and love, power and majesty vie in a conflict that will tear a people asunder and remake them again in the fires of conflict.

The Review

This is among the most unique stories I’ve read and it reminds me of Animal Farm. The story is dark and gritty, intended for a deeper reading than a simple Aesop. It has a strong pull, urging readers to keep going with it. It reminds me of Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke – it’s both mature and child-like at the same time.

Set in Australia, it’s a story about anthropomorphic foxes and weird butterfly-like features known as the Kashra. The story follows a specific time within the world of the Kashra. The main characters, without spoiling anything, are like yin and yang. They are here to change the world they live in and they are ready to be agents for this sudden paradigm shift.

The story is quite a good epic, letting you feel a deep attachment to all characters. It is spiritual, tragic, and offers a very mature tale to anyone willing to go beyond the weirdness in some aspects.

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